What Is Wrong With Capitalism?


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Mark de LA says
Apparently there has been nothing wrong with Capitalism in the last 3 days. 

My problem with capitalism is that it has not yet achieved a dynamic equilibrium such that goods & services meet needs & wants like oxygen & food energy meet the needs of life in a healthy human being's physical body. 

Mark de LA says
The other problem with capitalism as practiced today is that it pervades areas which should not have money in them such as health care & politics & the legal domain. It is also more top-down than bottom up in it's power structure.  It should be free from power structuring. There is always a lust for power that can't be resisted by the current practioners of capitalism that extends a power over others in domains it doesn't belong in.  Fraternity usually gets messed up as a result.

Mark de LA says
Seth above: ... Well it takes all types to make a healthy organization.  I wouldn't want to  "root out all the pointy-headed ivory tower governmental bureaucrats & university minded utopians" any more than i would want to root out all the greedy industrialists. 

Government by a "machine process where communication is the theme of organization" does sound cool, but it would have its foibles too.  It might be plagued with hackers, mob rule, or group think and/or a general lack of will to get things done.

Let's face it, revolution in America is not in the immediate future.  So we need to work within the system to make incremental changes.  Reforming health care is one of the things on the table now.  You say move health care out of the realm of money.  Well the Obama plan, enacted as stated, does in fact move us in that direction.  Yet you viciously oppose it.  Me thinks there is some contradictions between your short turn attitudes and your long term goals.
... The way out of hell is not through people who don't produce anything but hot air & blogs. We already have a system which is "plagued with hackers, mob rule,  group think and/or a general lack of will to get things done" and a system of giving away "other people's money"!  I am looking towards something different. 
The Obama plan is all about money & nothing about health care.  I don't viciously oppose anything - you lie!  In the years around 1776 this great country was founded on revolution.  Many had good reason to keep things the way they were.  Most who signed the Declaration of Independence lost dearly their fortunes & some their lives.  We need some men & women of such character to transform this decaying country back toward the light again.

Mark de LA says
~ anyone watch his movie?

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