The UN Circus of Buffoons

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This cartoon reminds me of something Seth said once about president Nixon & the Watergate.  He said he liked Nixon basically because he disgraced the presidency. The UN is basically doing the same thing through their own corruption & buffoons.


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Mark de LA says
I wonder how things would be if we were not afraid to piss off the Arabs & other Middle Eastern shit-heads? I wonder if, while we possess vast amounts of coal & natural gas reserves that can power our country & almost unlimited nuclear power, we were willing to rapidly advance these sources while looking for better energies & cleaner results instead of strangling our economy while China & Russia & other countries pollute with abandon & grab the oil anyway.  (just wondering? it is rhetorical, Seth).

Mark de LA says

A U.N. security panel is scheduled to meet Saturday to discuss a draft resolution against Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi, who is clinging to power as protesters call for an end to his 42-year rule. FULL STORY

Gadhafi killing his own people- notice how impotent the UN still is to stop wars.

Mark de LA says
M 2011-12-21 08:10:33 12643
I wonder how Syria gets away with such shit: (preventing wars?)
 The impotence of the UN is on parade in Syria, Libya & even Egypt.

MASSACRE IN SYRIA...  Sovereignty VS atrocity VS political correctness.
Syria is like a surrogate for Iran at least in its relationship to Israel.

More on the massacre: ..

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