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~It would be nice if BHO would discuss this issue with the nation before emasculating the US with his pipe dream. I don't think he quite has the Commander-in-Chief thingy down yet. Here are some tag rooms where we have discussed nukes here at fbi:
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Mark de LA says
~This problem is several magnitudes greater (or infinitely greater) than the Global Warming boondoggle before the UN & other talk talk talk bodies.  This problem can be totally fixed by humans as it is totally caused by humans.  Sun spots & other natural causes of fluctuations in the climate can't!!!
(**) note the news links.

Mark de LA says
The FoxNews aggregate today:

Iran Won't Negotiate Nukes in Geneva

Tehran reportedly says it won't discuss nuclear program with U.N. Security Council and Germany this week
U.S. Armed With Possible Iran Sanctions
Iran: Nuke Plant Put in Mountain Near Base
Iran to Allow Swiss Access to Detained Hikers
White House Sees Global 'Consensus' on Iran
FOX FORUM: Act Like a President, Mr. Obama
LIVESHOTS: Behind the Missile Tests | PHOTOS
YOU DECIDE: Is Obama's Iran Strategy Effective?

Mark de LA says
The Google newsfront is here. Note CNN puts it down near page 2 on their website opposite an article on Israel war crimes mentioned in 12641.  The NYTimes to their credit had at the top but in the few minutes I took a break dropped to 4th on the front page; nice zoomable map of the new nuke site though.

Mark de LA says
Apparently Putin is rattling his nukes, It looks like Obama hasn't done much to lessen the nuclear thingy, now has he?

source: ...
MOSCOW (AP) - A top Russian security official says Moscow reserves the right to conduct pre-emptive nuclear strikes to safeguard the country against aggression on both a large and a local scale, according to a newspaper interview published Wednesday.
... Is Putin threatening Israel?  In another note Putin adamantly against Iran sanctions.
In still another note some one explains Why Russia is not Afraid of an Iran Atomic bomb.
Meanwhile Obma is still making nice with these people & getting nothing in return:

Mark de LA says

New START treaty not to US Advantage, IMHO. BTW, it's not a treaty unless ratified by the Senate.

Mark de LA says
Read here or your local constitution on ratification of treaties.

Mark de LA says
shootout at World-nukie corral:

this one's
gonna turn out

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