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Mark de LA says
WaPO - Krauthammer: ...

Madison argued that the safety of a great republic, its defense against tyranny, requires the contest between factions or interests. His insight was to understand "the greater security afforded by a greater variety of parties." They would help guarantee liberty by checking and balancing and restraining each other -- and an otherwise imperious government.

Factions should compete, but they should also recognize the legitimacy of other factions and, indeed, their necessity for a vigorous self-regulating democracy. Seeking to deliberately undermine, delegitimize and destroy is not Madisonian. It is Nixonian.

But didn't Teddy Roosevelt try to destroy the trusts? Of course, but what he took down was monopoly power that was extinguishing smaller independent competing interests. Fox News is no monopoly. It is a singular minority in a sea of liberal media. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC vs. Fox. The lineup is so unbalanced as to be comical -- and that doesn't even include the other commanding heights of the culture that are firmly, flagrantly liberal: Hollywood, the foundations, the universities, the elite newspapers.

... apparently Chicago-style politics & organizing isn't enough to stem the tide of Obama's sinking polls .

Mark de LA says
M 2009-10-23 08:00:18 12757
Pruden - WashTimes: ...

Politicians who actually get their revenge on press tormentors do so with rapier thrusts of whimsy and clever insult. An early 20th-century governor and U.S. senator from Arkansas (from whom Mr. Clinton took pointers) delighted in sharp thrust-and-parry with the Arkansas Gazette (may it R.I.P.), the state's leading newspaper.

"My wife and I have a little boy, and we have great ambitions for him," he would tell audiences gathered on courthouse lawns at the foot of the monument to the Confederate soldier. "If it turns out that he's as intelligent as we think he is, we hope to make a Baptist preacher of him. If he has just average intelligence, that's all right, we'll send him to law school. But if it turns out he's the village idiot, we'll just send him down to Little Rock to edit the morning newspaper."

...apparently BHO's teleprompter is not so witty.

Of course they didn't have bloggers yet!

Mark de LA says
seth 2009-10-23 08:42:37 12757
Well i go to foxnews if i want to hear their particular slant.  What irks me is that somtimes some people claim that foxnews is fair and balanced.  It is not!  It is slanted.  Now obviously that is a broad generalization and you can certainly find instances of even handed commentary and news coverage.  But if you are getting a specific message from CNN, you can just about bet that going to foxnews will give you coverage and commentary that is spun right of that.  And certainly if Obama is involved in the news, fox will spin him in a negative light. 

So what, that is common knowledge for anyone who is familiar with cable, so called, news channels.
You & BHO apparently can't distinguish between commentary programs & news programs. I avoid CNN for the same reason.  Demonstrate an example of bias in FoxNews news programs please, e.g. Shepard Smith's evening news.  95% of news is entertainment anyway. What BHO wants is propaganda slanted his way. BTW, if you hate Glenn Beck you might wonder if anybody actually disputes his findings. Bringing the light of media on the cockroaches makes them scatter. The problem is that those like Van Jones & Acorn would like you to believe that it's all lies. Companion bloggers in the administration & out then begin with the Progressive Three tactics.  Enjoy your walled garden.

Mark de LA says
seth 2009-10-23 12:57:33 12757
source: MR insults above
You & BHO apparently can't distinguish between commentary programs & news programs. I avoid CNN for the same reason.  Demonstrate an example of bias in FoxNews news programs please, e.g. Shepard Smith's evening news.
Well certainly me and Obama know the difference between commentary and news, your offensive insult not wistanding.  If you want to make a rational  study of Foxnews's news, then do it right.  First select some control news programs ... may i suggest Anderson Cooper's 360.  Then select a Foxnews program ... i suppose the Shepard Smith's would be appropriate.  Then list each article covered on each program with the same period of time (a week would be appropriate).  Make notes of the spin detected (if any) on each.  We would both do this and compare notes.  Perhaps even record the programs for comparisons and study after the fact.  But of course you won't do that, you never do anything that takes any study and effort, you prefer to just hurl unsubstantiated insults at me and obama as shown above.

The insults, if you support BHO's trying to blackball FoxNews are well deserved.  You didn't counter the BHO spokesman's inability (& his boss') to distinguish news from commentary. The news is pretty straight forward. The commentary is more conservative than CNN's which is more liberal.   I'm not going to play your silly game about the media bias there are already enough studies on that point. Or google your own.  The emperor just doesn't like his lack of clothes exposed to the light of day.

Mark de LA says
~ Apparently FoxNews is doing better than ever

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