Broken images bug has been fixed

Images uploaded into the RTE box acquire the URL .../media/FILENAME which is recorded in the database.  These messages with their imbedded images can be displayed at various URL's which are not all directly under a group (eg; rather they can be displayed under url's like  This causes your browser to look for its image in the absolute place  But of course there is no such image at that URL.  Hence all of our images deep under tag rooms would have been broken.  To fix it i put a <base href="" /> tag in the HTML header.  Let me know if you have anymore problems with broken images.


  1. fixed
  2. broken images


Seth says
Maybe it's just me, but i think the site navigates faster now, especially with the back (<) and forth (>) buttons.  That might be because the server is not going through the gyrations of looking for image files in a long directory which do not exist.

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