Looking forward to Honeydew

I'm looking forward to my one meal today of honeydew melon.  If it's not enough, because i need to split one melon with Denise, then i have a cantaloupe and a watermelon in reserve.

A reliable breakfast and just one mid day meal a day, and no piecing allowed, is a formula that is working for both me and Denise.  The thing that makes it work is the "looking forward" to the meal part.  It seem that you use up a lot of nervous energy on planning, designing, preparing, cooking, and looking forward to the meal instead of spending that same energy on eating out of context.  If this has worked for anybody else, please let me know.

Ok, it wasn't enough, so i opened the cantaloupe. Of course you need the scoop of orange sherbet inside.  If there is anything better, then let me know.  Thing is about eating fruit on your mid day meal, is that you can eat as much of it as you like; and it won't even be there on your weigh-in tomorrow morning.  Did i go back for an extra scoop of sherbet, when it ran out before the cantaloupe? What do you think?  Somebody should talk to mother nature and get her to make the seed whole bigger.  Anyway, me thinks that i will be very happy and satisfied with my tummy for the rest of the day.


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Mark de LA says
Convert the oil to bio-diesel I wouldn't own a deep fat frier - seems like a fire hazzard or an accident waiting to happen.  It's not a thingy that D could use safely with just touch.

Seth says
M 2009-11-05 08:32:48 12817
The part I don't understand is how you can get away with the fried food you cook.  Most diets say not to eat fried foods.

Well i don't know how i would tell if i wasn't getting away with it. 

Fact is that on this diet most of my irregular heart beatings have gone away as far as i can tell.  But yes i do bake things in preference to frying them. 

I have been avoiding the deep fry craze as much as i possibly can, but Denise is pushing to get a deep fryer; and i don't know how long i can hold out.  My biggist problem with the deep frying is: what do you do with all that oil when your through?  I mean, if you deep fry just occasionally, how can you fill it up with a whole bottle of some kind of oil, and then, what:  keep it for a month till you deep fry again, or just throw it out?  But yes deep frying does provide a skill free solution to that nice crisp crust some people seem to crave.  I've been trying to work out how to do it in just a stove top skillet ... not with a lot of luck. 

Mark de LA says
Yep, those are my 2 favorite deserts. I prefer mango sorbet to ice cream as a variation.

Seth says
Well on this meal i remained the same weight ... a little disappointing since i though i was going to loose about half pound.  This can probably be accounted for by natural variability in fluids and biomass eliminations.  Today i cook shrimp fried rice and shrimp chow mein ... stay tuned.

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