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“For seafood…, ‘fresh’ often means ‘air-flown,’ which is 10 times more emission-intensive than transporting products by ship… Pablo Päster, an authority on carbon emissions with the Toronto-based environmental consulting group ClimateCheck, recently… compared the carbon impact of transporting a Copper River king salmon (headed and gutted on shore to a weight of 25 pounds) the 1,738 miles from Cordova to Anchorage and on to Seattle, versus shipping it the same route. His conclusion: Delivery by air produces 57 times more CO2. In this sense, first is worst.

...The power elite & wannabes have dual standards one for themselves & one for YOU.  Guess which is which.


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Seth says

You're hypocrisy noted, ...

... but fresh fish is just that, fresh ... and you don't get that in the middle of Manhattan without a high tech distribution system involving air planes.  Even here in Seattle where the Salmon are suppose to be struggling up the Cedar and the Green this time of year, you need to be a member of the Duwamish tribe to legally fish for them near the city.

Seth says
M 2009-11-11 09:32:06 12848
Do you know the person giving the one digit salute to the camera? 
Yeah, most of the so-called fresh fish that makes its way to the inland is flash frozen at sea and defrosted locally & still called fresh! That's what one of the local fishmongers in Denver revealed to me one day. If you really want it fresh you have to catch it on your own.

I blogged that picture couple of years ago ...
Me: Catching anything?
Fisherman: Catch This!
Now the greenies tell us to eat further down on the food chain ... like shrimp or trout ... eat sustainable.  For some reasons they don't like fish farming.  Me i haven't really studied it.  I already love shrimp, and will prolly try trout when i get a chance.  But i have this craving for fresh tuna or swordfish that might need satiating first.  

Mark de LA says
Big example here => OBAMA'S 71 CAR MOTORCADE...

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