Veggie Burger

This is a home made vgggie burger topped with A1 sauce and guacamole.  It is about my 3rd attempt and i haven't gotten the flavor and texture profile right yet.  This time i tried cooking up a small pot of red beans, and some Arborio rice and added that to finely chopped musrooms, wheat germ as the binder, and eggs. 

Flavor wise it ended up being too beaney.  Spice wise i think i used too much cumin ... not sure about that.  Something was giving it a bitter taste.

Texture wise it was falling apart.  Especially yesterday when i tried to cook it on my new George Foreman Grill.  In fact i doubt you will ever be able to do a veggie burger on that grill.  Today i baked it in the oven (pictured above) and it held together sufficiently. 

Next time try less beans ... maybe Tofu.

Diet wise, yesterday i gained over 2 pounds with eating 2 of them with a layer of smoked cheddar; but then i did a whole lot of tasting during the cooking process. Today i just ate the burger above and a couple of glasses of orange juice.  We'll see if i still gain on that.


  1. veggie burger
  2. beans
  3. arborio rice
  4. wheat germ
  5. guacamole
  6. a1 sauce


Seth says
M 2009-11-17 16:31:52 12876
My most favorite veggie burger (nut) was served at the Follow Your Heart Health Food store & restaurant in the valley on Sherman Way in Canoga Park.  If this is the recipe, I googled it, then you are in for a treat.  I may try it a bit later on the NBHD where appropriate.
Thanks, i'll definitely try that .

Seth says
M 2009-11-17 12:58:56 12876
Hmmmm... looks like a toasted cowflap!
A ground beef patty looks pretty much the same.  You would need to look at it closely to distinguish it from meat.   Texture wise in the mouth is something else, though.  Getting the perfect veggie patty is quite a persuit ... i'm sure others have gone down this path.  You can buy them from the super market ... i just have this thing about wanting to do it myself.

Seth says
source: mr above
I may try it a bit later on the NBHD where appropriate.
I think the NBHD would not allow all those food combinations, especially the cheese.  Of course, that is where me and the NBHD part company.   The human body evolved to deal quite nicely with whatever we throw down out gullet, JD's simplistic notions about the shortcomings of our digestive system notwithstanding.

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