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WOW! In my early childhood I always thought, & was conditioned to think, that I would always have to work all of my life & then some.  This is so much more fun!

The Onion: ... WASHINGTON"In what is being touted by the Labor Department as extremely positive news, the nation's available labor rate has reached double digits for the first time in 26 years, bringing the total number of potentially employable Americans to an impressive 15.7 million.
Hilda Solis briefs the press corps on the unprecedented level of untapped manpower.
"This is such an exciting time to be an employer in America," said Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, adding that every single day 6,500 more citizens join America's growing possible workforce. "There's such a massive and diverse pool of job-ready Americans to choose from. And each month the number only gets higher."
"While our current available labor rate of 10.2 percent isn't quite as robust as it was in 1982 or 1933, we're happy to say that reaching that benchmark is no longer out of the realm of possibility," Solis continued.
..... Perhaps future generations will speak of this as the manpower availability bubble


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Seth says
Yeah i like this trend too. Fuck watching the depressing unemployment numbers!  It almost makes me want to be an employer in this labor bubble.

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