Geezer Sermons: Rights - What Rights?

source: William  Loughborough
Subsequently the U.N. issued a "convention" which elaborated on the application of said "rights" to People With Disabilities. I hope it's not sixty years before we begin to take steps to demand those rights - above states' rights - for all humans.
Good point!   Why should states rights be above human rights?  And why we're at it, why should nations right of sovereignty be above our rights to be human?


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Mark de LA says
Your tone sounds angry. The US government is one of the largest, if not the largest in the World growing ever larger taking our freedoms & rights as it expands. Surprisingly the framers of America wrote the Constitution to limit government. The founders wrote the bill of rights to spell out the most important freedoms because of their experience of King George and his use of troops upon his subjects & HEAVY taxation.
You've been brain-washed about a right of health care & so-called greedy capitalism. The more you want government to do the less freedom you have. Too bad you thoroughly missed the distinction that rights are imaginary - they are thin as memes & can change with a change in the national conversation. Note that a decade ago we thought that we had the freedom to drive whatever cars or SUV's we wanted & soon government will take that away under the guise of a scientific boondoggle. Why do you think that Congress & Obama want to pass laws in a hurry before the mood changes? The same goes for health insurance. Cuba claims to have universal health care why not move there if you have a problem with ours! It all comes with a price. My favorite writer Heinlein coined the term TANSTAAFL covering it. When the government gets out of private business the costs go down. When the US government got into medicare prices began to go up. I worked in a pharmacy at the time and saw it first hand.  Until health care moves out of the domain of connection with the economic domain we will be stuck with materialistic care at ever increasing cost.  Someday a counter stream will form of true healers who, out of their genuine love for humanity, will actually begin to be able to heal people out of a profound connection to the core of what is human being.  We are not there yet & not a moral enough bunch of people for that to happen at this stage in our evolution, IMHO.

Seth says
M 2009-12-10 11:58:00 12999
I am not flailing - wake up Dude! Without the ability to defend your rights you have no more than your nearest neighbor lets you have if he has a shotgun bigger than yours. Witness the rights of the unborn even who have to have others defend them. Rights are imagination. I don't know what your Geezer wants - he didn't say.  In this country the disabled seem to have plenty of rights. What's missing?

Well rights, aka social justice, is not just "imagination", it is something that has evolved over a long time in our civilization.  No, it is not natural, it belongs to the domain we call  civilization.  My point, if you care, is that people collectively over time have learned to expect these rights, they are not usually granted by legislation or decree from their governments.  Nations through their governments tend to actually work against those rights, they have their vested interests which are only lessened by increased human rights.  Iow, the stronger the nation, the less the rights of it's individuals; the weaker the nation, the stronger the individual's domains.  That part of this is a natural phenomenon of groups of individuals.  You, of all people, should embrace that principal.  Now withing that playing field you have a lot of variability.  So in many civilized countries people expect they have the right to health care, yet in this country they do not.  Yet in this country we have the right to freely express our political opinions.  Not so in Iran, where there is a strong dictatorial government, yet there they consider basic health care to be a human right. 

The take away message is that you take your rights from your government, don't expect your government to give them out like candy.  And sometimes you need to take your rights from other greedy bastards.

Seth says
M 2009-12-10 10:52:08 12999
Rights, Nations & States don't exist in nature, they are memes & distinctions brought into being through language & conversations through laws and agreements. If you think there are inalienable rights in Nature, go watch Wild Kingdom on TV some day - it's mostly animals eating each other! 
It is interesting that 12/10 was the anniversary of Liu Xiaobo's Charter 8: Those in China are still arguing for their basic human rights one of which they declare is freedom.  Some in this country are going in the opposite direction.
TWS - The Blog: ... December 10, the day that President Obama receives his Nobel Peace Prize, is also International Human Rights Day. The Chinese regime decided to celebrate this special day in the usual way: by charging one of their most prominent critics, Liu Xiaobo, with "incitement to subvert state power" -- a serious crime that carries a potential 15-year prison sentence. Mr. Liu is one of the primary authors of Charter 08, an amazing manifesto of freedom that was released on Human Rights Day 2008. The day before the release of the Charter, Mr. Liu was taken into custody and has been held without charge since. During this past year, more than 10,000 people -- including leading Chinese intellectuals and artists -- have signed Charter 08. Many have gotten a visit from state security or worse for their trouble.
... it reads like a cross between our Declaration of Independence & Constitution combined.
Without states & sovereignty you have nobody to defend your rights & things tend to be tribal & feudal - witness Afghanistan.  Being human is something that nobody can take away from you. The Nazis tried & failed.
Well above you're flailing at a windmill that doesn't exist.  Nobody said anything about "inalienable rights in Nature"  I can generalize that even further to state that any sentence where the verb contains a "should", as mine do above, is not talking about nature, but rather judgments of men.  Our should(s) evolve over time.  The one of which William and I speak, is a one who's time has come ... or should come.

If you are looking to your nation to guard your human rights, then you, my friend, are looking in the wrong direction, the Declaration of Independence notwithstanding. 

Mark de LA says
We have to source morals & rights into human existence from the Spiritual World for mankind to make real progress!

Seth says
more about Bill, several years after his death from here.

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