Designing the enclosure ...

The enclosure is the data created by virtue of sombody attaching some kind of media to an entry.   According to the feeds (both RSS and Atom) it requires the following data:
  • URL of the media file
  • type - designates a standard MIME type. an mp3 would be
  • length - length in bytes of the media file
It would seem that this would translate into the following in my quads database
  • context:  PrimaryDirectory
  • subject:  item number
  • verb: "enclosure"
  • object: url
  • objectType: "enclosure"
Note: i'm seriously drifting to the idea that all of the properties for the enclosure end up being their own quads.  For example ...
  • type: audio/mpeg
  • length: 9200054 (bytes)
  • size: 35 (minutes)
  • artist: Paula Waby
  • playerTemplate:  name of player template
  • etc ...
Only restraint here with tagtalking is that it will restrain one item to one enclosure.  I don't think that is a problem.  The advantage is that i can add properties at will and allow the applications and players to use whatever they can pick up on.  The alternative was to code these as name=value pairs on the  object of the single enclosure quad ... but then why build in all of that extra code when it's already pretty much in the quads processing already.

Feed:  The atom feed will generate  the following code ...
<link rel="enclosure" type="audio/mpeg" length="1337"
.. i will assume that i can put additional properties there.

Questions i still have ...
  • how does one publish a youtube video here ... what would the enclosure look like?  
    • enclosure: URL (example)
    • playerTemplate: youTubeEmbed (see embed code on youtube ... this is a reference to that)
  • How do i provide enough information to generate the html to embed players for the  various medias, still provide the information for the enclosure in the feed, and provide the ability to download the file?


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Seth says
I just wiped out my whole quads database with a dumb query ...
source: my test query
UPDATE `quads`  SET `context` = "bozo" , `subject` = "71", `verb` = "enclosure", `object` = "" , `objecttype` = "enclosure"
... it needed a where or something else.