So i made a pâté of the tuna that i over cooked yesterday and put it in a sandwich with American cheese and served it with the leftover risotto.

The smaller plate makes it look like an immense feast. Thanks grandma,  these  square plates are soo kewl!


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Seth says
M 2009-12-17 10:54:37 13033
Is this the meal for the whole day or do you eat other things?
Well i always have my morning prunes.  One thing i didn't confess to was the strawberry cheesecake (which was a disaster) and the sampling of my homemade mayo (which was pretty good) with a couple cherry tomatoes.  But, yes, that was substantially my meal for the day.  

As you can see, i've been gaining the last couple of days since i decided to eat more regularly. The question now becomes will i just continue gaining within that context or will i need to change something in my assumptions.  But even so i have no intention of changing my prune breakfast, my one mid day meal, and no extra piecing.

I miss an item devoted to dialogue on your own efforts. I can't believe that Tina is actually weighing in each day at the same weight.

Mark de LA says
In the comments on my weight journal I wrote that Tina is not playing yet so I carry her forward as constant.  My last 2 "on my own" days were weight gainers & they consistantly return eventually by all pineapple days & all watermelon or grape days.  I am on day 25 of Mazel's 35 day starter regimen. I have her other book: Beverly Hills Diet - Recipes to Forever which I will begin to cook from & see if I can integrate into my eating habits.
Strangely the fruit here in California is lousy. Mangoes suck. Watermelons are a hit or miss proposition. Grapes are good, nice & sweet. I just obtained some apricots & prunes from Trader Joe's that don't have sulphur dioxide or other additives & will see what happens with them. The others produce a mean sulphurous smell in the air which follows me around.  I tried the Follow Your Heart nutburgers, but would recommend grinding the nuts much finer & put an egg in for binder.  They were good but not so much fun to chew.

Seth says
Yeah the last couple of mangoes i got from Costco were horrible, so it has turned me off from them until the season rolls around again.  Cantaloupe is still sweet.  I'm scared to try watermelon this time of year.  They seem to be able to come up with sweet grapes all year around now, not sure why ... and the pineapple is still very good.  Fruits might be more problematical than veggies in a small town, huh?

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