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~ I wonder if some democrats are returning their votes to get more because of the precedents of Sens. Nelson & Landrieu.  You'd think they were really handing out pussy or withholding it.


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Mark de LA says
seth 2009-12-24 06:11:37 13091
Yeah the deal for Nebraska that Senator Nelson seemed to think was good for the country sucked big time.  It stinks of what is wrong with partisan politics in Washington these days. 
Yep, it wasn't only Nelson though.  How's Obama, the post partisan, post-racial president working for you? Notice how Republicans are completely shut out of the process! Bipartisanship works best when the President & the Congress (at least the Senate) are of two different parties - then they must work with each other or better, gridlock ensues.
   I blame it all on the unconscious, diversion-minded electorate who get what they want or deserve every time: bread & circuses!

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