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~ - news front is here on Flight 253 (already in the Wikipedia)
The Obama admin has a vested interest in making it look like the War on Terror is over. Hence the morph of terrorism into man caused disasters & the bringing terrorists to civilian courts & the attempt to close Guantanamo & send Yemen back their terrorists. Obama even refrained to mention either the words Muslim or Islam in the context of this event in his press conference even though such insanity is perpetrated by such religious extremism & religious wars in the name of jihad.
First Napolitano claims there is no evidence that a wide spread AlQueda attack is about to happen.
Then the lone wolf theory explodes with the news that the terrorist himself claimed AlQueda connections.  Then it is learned that 2 released from Gitmo were planning the terrorism that fizzled out. etc.  Today a Yehmeni leader, Abu Bakr al-Qirbi appealed for more help from the international community to help to train and equip counter-terrorist forces under the headline Hundreds of al-Qaeda militants planning attacks from Yemen.
At first, Napolitano declared the system was working OK, then she nuanced that she was quoted out of context, next she says it wasn't working while illustrating the following transparent methodology to control damage in the news cycle:
Step 1: Deny seriousness of issue.
Step 2: Deny any admin responsibility/failure.
Step 3: Have spokespeople convey O’s feelings to public.
Step 4: Blame Bush admin.
Step 5: Concede the issue days later


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Mark de LA says
This is only the tip of the iceberg of red flags that were raised but ignored. The coming days will produce a CYA of culpable ones that were ignored some by political correctness & some by policy all the way from the top.  This presents a problem for Gitmo closure & recent ideas that 100 Yehmeni terrorists were going to be returned for trial in Yehmen.

Mark de LA says
Krauthammer: ... And just to make sure even the dimmest understand, Obama banishes the term “war on terror.” It’s over — that is, if it ever existed.

Obama may have declared the war over. Unfortunately, al-Qaeda has not. Which gives new meaning to the term “asymmetric warfare.”

... here is a picture of the Obamaloids in the field in their native stance:

Mark de LA says
... & in a sign of the times:

Mark de LA says

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