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About: 3.8 trillion budget with income of 1.6 trillion

... & trillion$$$$$$$$$$$$$ deficits as far as the eye can see.. national debt is > 12 trillion, i.e. (( a million * million) * 12)

I guess I will need to update 9027 to give some folks a feel for that enormously large number!


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C says
Reuters: Backdoor Taxes to Hit Middle Class
Business Insider: Reuters Withdraws 'Backdoor Taxes To Hit Middle Class' Story Linked By Drudge Report
Investor's Business Daily: Higher Taxes For All In Obama Budget, $1.6 Tril 2010 Deficit
The Hill: President Obama's Budget Seeks an End to Tax Break for the Middle Class
Heritage Foundation: The Obama Budget: Higher Taxes, Higher Spending and More Debt
National Review: Stuck on Yucca - Mona Charen
MarketWatch: 20 Reasons Global Debt Time Bomb Explodes Soon
Wall Street Journal: The President's Budget Plan
New York Post: The Most Bloated Budget Ever
National Review: Ryan: 'Two Futures' -Robert Costa
The Hill: Clyburn: 'We've got to Spend Our Way Out of this Recession'
Business Insider: Here's 10 Ways Obama's Budget Is Going To Screw You, The American Taxpayer

Mark de LA says
.. maybe should call it a REDPRINT!

Mark de LA says
... & the bread & circuses crowd keeps wanting more .....

Mark de LA says
seth 2010-02-03 09:39:42 13271
One of the problems is that Republicans are saying NO to all changes to tax and spending that are proposed by the administration.  Even many Democrats are doing that too.  So the administration is being stifled from fixing anything. Then of course the Republicans will be ragging on the administration for not fixing stuff.  Cure the hyperpartisan ship in Washington and you might just get better governing.

With the extra trillion$$$$ & both houses of congress plus the presidency & your side is still complaining it can't get anything done? What did the taxpayers get for their money?

Mark de LA says
Is this kind of thing what's in store for the good old USA after Obama & the Congress finish bankrupting her?
Germany wants Greece to sell off its islands for cash!
Hmmmm .... maybe Hawaii & the Virgin Islands, eh?  Possibly Manhattan & the Florida Keys.

Mark de LA says
See also 13470:

Mark de LA says
... & this is how it is done:
TWS: ...

Here's an example: President Obama's first budget (for 2010), entitled "A New Era of Responsibility: Renewing America's Promise," projected that 2012 deficit spending would be $581 billion.  His second budget, for 2011, projected that 2012 deficit spending would be $828 billion. Now, his actual 2012 budget projects that 2012 deficit spending will be $1.101 trillion. That's an increase of more than a half a trillion dollars in 730 days.

Gives you a lot of confidence in the Obama administration's predictions about Obamacare, doesn't it?

... no budget - no wonder!

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