Correctly routing HTML input from a input box to a feed

About: handling atom text and content constructs

 This appears to have the answers for how to sanitize and publish input boxes that flow from web forms into databases and then into feeds.  So it appears that we can use CDATA to project embedded markup into the feed as described in Listing 5. 
However we read that "Escaped Markup Considered Harmful" by Norman Walsh .  Bummer.
 But then by the same author we find the solutions: "Escaped Markup: What To Do Instead"
 But none of the solutions are solutions that help us let people write html in their input boxes and provide a way for us to flow that data into  feeds.   I put a comment on this 2005 comment streme in the hopes that i may find an actual solution.  My comment is still awaiting acceptance, but in essence it is as follows
Your solution is a "let them eat cake" kind of thing.  If we allow an anonymous person to type in markup in an input box and then want that to flow into a feed, there is no way that we can "insist" that it is well formed.  And having them point to it on the web is a non starter and doesn't address the original intent of allowing them to express themselves on some particular page.
 What is this base64 encoding solution that Walsh gave ?
 Nope, base64 is not a solution at all.  When we encode content at base64 no aggregator will ever render the HTML encoded content as HTML in a browser.  It might be nice and semantically perfect, but it does not do the job.

Me thinks that Normal Walsh should fix his old page to provide a real solution.


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