Happy Easter

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~May the Great Bunny of Happiness drop some very large nuggets in your Easter basket for the sake of a humorous confusion this fine Easter weekend. Here's hoping some of you find a bit of the real meaning of Easter in your hearts.
Hint: it's not about bunnies & eggs!


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Mark de LA says
also a seasonal reminder for the coming tax day:

Mark de LA says
Under the topic of other ideas for the meaning of Easter:
from the RS Archives: ...  The plants are like the hair of the Earth, because the Earth is a living being. And just as man needs the air in order to live, so does the Earth need the stars with their spirituality; the Earth breathes in the spiritual forces of the stars in order to live. Man moves over the Earth and the Earth moves through the Cosmos, lives in. the Cosmos. The Earth is a living being.
This remembrance at least can still come to us at the Easter Festival — the remembrance that the Earth herself is a living Being. When the Earth brings forth the plants she is young, just as the child is young when the soft hair grows. The old man loses his hair just as in autumn the Earth loses the plants. It is only that the Earth's life runs its course in a different rhythm: youth in the spring, age in the autumn; youth again, age again — whereas in man the periods are much longer. Everything in the universe is alive. In thinking of the Easter Festival and with the spectacle of newly awakening nature before us, we can say: Death is not ever-present; beings have to pass through death but life is the essential reality. Life is everywhere victorious over death. The Easter Festival is there to remind us of this victory and to give us strength. If men gain this kind of strength it will enable them to set about the improvement of external conditions with insight and intelligence — not in the way that is usual at the present time. First and foremost we need Spiritual Science in order again to ally ourselves with the spiritual world — which is a world of life, not of death.

Mark de LA says

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