Polarization is Good !

Nature gives us a great metaphor - surfing!
Freedom & Free deeds exist at the interface between the forces which cause the surfer to stay up & the thousands of pounds of water that would crush him to the bottom. (I borrowed the picture from the stock pictures at webshots by Eric Sanford) The forces cancel each other out & the result is a unique dynamic freedom where the two meet.

One creates the other like:




or the character for

tao (the way)



  1. polarization
  2. partisanship


Seth says
Hallelujah !

Mark de LA says
~ This was the inspiration for this item above:
Tai Shu commentary on Hex #60, Line 1 of the Yi King: ... Thu - 30+ years ago) "Emphasis seems to be on the splitting-up when the Threshold is crossed which incidentally provides Nourishment for those parts of the Cosmos towards which the dispersed are attracted.  The fight between & among all these opposites is what enables humanity to achieve equilibrium & thus Freedom.  Not one but two sets of laws cancelling each other out providing a space for the Eternal Being to do what It wills!

Mark de LA says
seth 2010-04-16 09:57:46 13622
Yeah the old man probably wrote that one right after a big family fight. 
Probably not! The context is not good for that. Besides, he wrote the same thing in about 6 different ways throughout the commentaries. The point to focus upon is where the Freedom Is!

Mark de LA says
Which side are you on?

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