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I think i'll blog my disconnection from comcast and my reconnection to clearwire ...
  • 2:30 disconnect from comcast in my home
  • 2:52 i'm back on the net with modem positioned, and my account activated.  I'm going slowly because i wanted to have the entire user experience.  
  • 2:57 disconnecting and reconnecting through the router (see you on the other side)
  • 3:14 reconnected through the router.  Most of that time was repositioning the tangle of wires under my desk.  
  • 3:30 discovered that my clearwire connection was so slow to connect through FTP that my scripts started failing.
  • 4:40 trying contact customer support
  • 2001-05-21 3:30 called to cancell and get a full refund.  There is too much of a lag every time i connect via FTP.  It would seriously slow me down. 


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