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The debt clock is far more detailed & revealing than most people would want to know, but it is scary for the next few generations.
Some say that the Democrat Party is becoming the Party of Debt.
TWS Blog: ... The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provided a second piece of troubling money news last week, demonstrating the health care reform bill won’t reduce the federal deficit after all. According to the CBO, the health care law will cost $115 billion more than original projections. This new estimate means the overall price tag of the Democrats’ bill will top $1 trillion.

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin provides more evidence further implicating the Democrats as the Party of Debt in his Roadmap for America’s Future.  “Debt as a share of the economy is projected to exceed 60 percent this year (2010) " greater than the 2009 level, which was the highest in 50 years " and will reach 82 percent of GDP by the end of the next decade under the administration’s policies,” Ryan writes.  “The U.S. has not seen debt at these expected levels since the end of World War II.”

Even officials appointed by the Democrats in Congress to provide expert advice on these matters, such as CBO director Douglas W. Elmendorf, are sounding the alarm bells. In an April 23 presentation to the International Monetary Fund Fiscal Forum, Elmendorf issued a clear and stern warning:  “Given current law and certain changes to that law that are broadly supported by the Administration and Congress, the budget deficit and debt are on a worrisome path " unsustainable in the long run and posing growing risks even during the next several years.”

Congressional Democrats’ response: Skip passing a budget blueprint this year and spend more than planned on the health care bill.  It’s a legislative twist on the MasterCard commercial " running up more debt through self-indulgent spending?  Priceless.

...Anybody wonder still why anti-incumbency is the strongest it has been in years recently (& hopefully far into the future)!


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Mark de LA says
The National Debt Titanic:

Look at the charts here.

C says

source: ...

President Obama projects that the gross federal debt will top $15 trillion this year, officially equalling the size of the entire U.S. economy, and will jump to nearly $21 trillion in five years’ time.

... but why is Obama smiling?

Mark de LA says
approx 1 year and another trillion$$$$$$$$$$$$ gone
I think that the good old USA is a subject to fiscal Darwinism.

Mark de LA says
seth 2012-11-21 14:42:36 13795
Putting the debt in perspective ...

... so to blame the Obama administration for the debt is not to tell a truthful sory.

Note that most of Obama's contribution to the debt was due to the recession and tax cuts and stimulus to lessen that impace.  Most of Bush's was for tax cuts that were not necessary and to wage war.

I'm going to bet you won't discuss that without changing the subject.

Looks PHONEY to me.  The debt clock for today in 2008 reads approx 10,541,290,000,000 dollars while the debt clock for today 2012 reads approximately in $$ 16,278,365,000,000. Can't really paint that shit with lipstick & then put whipcream & a cherry & get that shit out of it.
- the difference is 5.737 trillion. (Apparatchik agitprop notwithstanding.)Desperation while falling over the cliff.

Mark de LA says
Anyone bet that the next president begins with a $20trillion debt? Now it’s 19.5 +/ a few million null

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