Brocoli Soup, Bean Dip on Cucumber, Blue Cheese Baked Pepper Crustini, and a Pineapple Smoothie

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It was soooo good, i couldn't eat the whole thing.


  1. broccoli soup
  2. bean dip
  3. cucumber
  4. blue cheese
  5. crustini
  6. pineapple smoothie


Seth says
C 2010-06-12 10:30:34 13886
Such a tease! Recipes would be nice!
Well most of this was ad hoc.  The smoothie was totally easy: just blend a fruit, like mango or pineapple, with yogurt.   The soup was based upon the Cauliflower Soup recipe, but using broccoli instead and not doing all the rich creams.   But to that i added my secret procedure ... which have been playing with.  What you do is take all the parts of the veggies that you usually throw away, steam them, throw them in a food processor and puree them, then throw them into the soup or mix them with cream cheese or yogert or sour cream and make a dip.  The Blue Cheese Baked Pepper Crustini was probably the highlight of the plate for my pallet.  That was simply Blue cheese on top of  Health Nut bread with a layer of roasted peppers from a jar, lightly toasted. 

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