This is a Good Reason to Choose Judges Carefully

The Drudge headlines below are about gay marriage, but the greater interest is in what judges can do.  For the record I stand that gays should be able to get married & suffer the commitment thingy like the rest of us.  The case is being appealed & perhaps will go to SCOTUS in time for Elena Kagan to participate; maybe even on TV.  We all know that the justice system does not necessarily guarantee that truth, innocence & justice will prevail - sometimes process is the only thing that happens. Remember that the rational is only one point of view of what is so - Ethos, Logos & Pathos  all belong to rhetoric & argumentation. I would love to hear that argumentation!
UPDATE: Court overturns California gay marriage ban...

1 JUDGE VOIDS 7,000,000 VOTERS...

Appeal of ruling could delay weddings...


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Seth says
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seth 2010-08-05 08:47:30 14179
Wow, Ethos.pdf is an interesting document.  Where did you get it?  Note it even has The logical fallacies in it. 
It's been there a long time at least since 10120 .  I googled around for the word ethos & put all the other stuff eventually in the pdf - accumulated over a span of time.
So you built this pdf?  What tool did you use to build it?
Adobe Acrobat 4
hmmm, so you can compose within Acrobat 4, can you?  I have always composed in Page Maker, and converted the export from that to pdf by using versions of Acrobat.  I have never tired to actually compose within Acrobat 4. 

Mark de LA says
You can only compose & edit from Acrobat itself, not the free Acrobat Reader.  There may be other software easier to use.  I don't particularly like the editor.  It is easy, however to grab stuff off the internet & preserve it whether the websites disappear or not.

Mark de LA says
... or my horse?

Mark de LA says
This cartoon rather sums it up too!

Mark de LA says
... as well as presidents who do not honor their oath of office & the rule of law:

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