What's good for Microsoft is good for humanity?

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This just now in my email:

I wrote http://www.uwimp.com/answer/ mostly to unload my recent musings
onto Joshua, largely in the form of a white paper for Ballmer!
Perhaps it might be of interest to the rest of my usual suspects?

I am not sure sure what William Loughborough's reference to "musings onto Joshua" refers to ... might be something on Joshus blog or on Gezer Sermons or something private between them.   But in any case it may well have something to do with social attention.   I'll email Bill and see.


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Mark de LA says
I like this comment from your article (about the only thing interesting from my viewpoint).
source:The "why" of it is largely because the productivity gains that will come from having individuals with the power previously monopolized by institutions will make problem-solving of the sorts typified by "how do we feed the starving babies?" and "how do we make competition collaborative rather than combative?" much more prone to solutions before this old geezer shuffles off.
Hope we're not building a Tower of Babel
Evolution is moving on M$ will have to change (just like IBM) or die, split-up (like Ma Bell) or resurrect ! (like lava lamps).

anonymous says
The aggregation of websites/blogs/wikis/podcasts/rants via content management systems could hasten the interconnection of all individuals on the planet and hasten the demise of nation-states and hierarchies in general. Instead of raising fists and chanting "power to the people" it might behoove us to use our facilities of ridicule/shunning/speak-truth-to-power to get together and love one another and start playing_more/squabbling_less.


Mark de LA says
On the other hand you might have missed my tower of Babel reference. I'm not so naive that I think this is the right time to hasten "the demise of nation-states & hierarchies in general. Do you think it works down into the demise of families & individual residence? How well did it work in the communes of the 60's ??

Seth says
A response from Joshua Allen

unknown says
chimp with woman sex

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