Possibility - the first statement of Vision

possible Look up possible at Dictionary.com c.1300, from L. possibilis "that can be done," from posse "be able" (see potent).
potent Look up potent at Dictionary.comc.1500, from L. potentem (nom. potens) "powerful," prp. of *potere "be powerful," from potis "powerful, able, capable" (cognate with Skt. patih "master, husband," Gk. posis, Lith. patis "husband"). Meaning "having sexual power" is first recorded 1899. Potency is attested from 1539, from L. potentia "power," from potentem "potent."
able Look up able at Dictionary.com c.1365, from O.Fr. (h)able, from L. habilis "easily handled, apt," verbal adj. from habere "to hold" (see habit). "Easy to be held," hence "fit for a purpose." The silent h- was dropped in Eng. and resisted academic attempts to restore it 16c.-17c., but some derivatives acquired it (e.g. habiliment, habilitate), via Fr. Able-bodied first attested 1622. "Able-whackets - A popular sea-game with cards, in which the loser is beaten over the palms of the hands with a handkerchief tightly twisted like a rope. Very popular with horny-fisted sailors." [Smyth, "Sailor's Word-Book," 1867]
Etymology is a clue to meaning. Possibility is distinct from probability. The minute you give birth to an idea which derives from nothing at all you are dealing in the realm of possibility - the rest is your own power to get others to stand with you to make it real on this plane - NOW! I challenge all who read this to come forth with the possibility of what we currently call FastBlogIt but which may need a new name when the Vision is complete.


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Mark de LA says

I say as a start that - FastBlogIt is the best, fastest & most versatile way for an individual to express themself on the Internet!

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