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Comedian and commentator Dennis Miller offered an accurate explanation for why the left and the mainstream media seek to appease the Muslim community and have been defending the Ground Zero mosque so ardently on an August 4 episode of "The O’Reilly Factor": “People are afraid to say anything about radical Islam because they get blown up.”

Instead of staying true to our values so that we don’t let the terrorists win, many Americans (the president included) are shackled by fear or a belief that the nicer we are, the less they’ll come after us. They speak out on discrimination and freedom, except when it comes to defending Christianity.

... Here is a video of DM discussing the controversy. It's more amusing than most of the commentary from the M$M on the subject. Actually his take on what would happen if Muslims decided not to build bears consideration!


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Mark de LA says
Anyone else notice that FastBlogIt is better at carrying on conversations than Facebook? I include my own rant on the WTC here before it gets lost:
Of course if fbi had millions of readers we might have to improve our tagging & searching interface to start.

Mark de LA says
seth 2010-08-24 08:30:59 14216
I'm not so very sure of that.  The audience here at fastblogit is very small indeed ... and does not a dialogue need a wider audience.  When we talk here we are almost talking in private. 
The nested nature here at fbi taken along with the tags (does facebook have tags?) is much better.  Whether it would scale up without radical revision is my only question. One fact I really like is the ability to add on to an ancient conversation new perspectives or current information as occasionally happens with s drums of war .

Mark de LA says
I include this mostly for the coin tolerance mongering in the byline:
Source: ... All of this means that the Ground Zero mosque is turning into an exercise in tolerating incorrigibly reactionary Islamist regimes that are infatuated with obliterating Western values and liberty. There has been scarcely any media investigative work (with the exception of the New York Post and a few others) delving into the dubious funding streams of the Ground Zero mosque.

While the imam in charge of the propaganda to get the mosque built near ground zero runs around accusing the US of having Muslim blood on its hands (true, but so does the US have Japanese, German, Italian, N. Korean etc blood - we fight wars, especially when attacked!) he obviously is not showing any intentions of tolerance in spite of all that tolerance mongering in the blogs & political talking heads.

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