- read Twitter as a daily newspaper

This might be the next big thing.  It allows you to read a twitter tag room and contribute to it and perhaps exercise some measure of filter, control on it.  For example see the #linkeddata Daily.  So what is the process by which things get chosen to be on the front page of a tag room daily?

Incidentally i logged on there with my twitter account.

I think this URL, under "create a newspaper", tells us a lot about how it's gonna work ... sorry you need to login to see it, here is a small snapshot ...


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Seth says
M 2010-08-28 08:57:01 14250
Wow! Just in case I didn't have enough random & non-random thoughts running through my mind I can follow others' random thoughts on twitter & even get a newspaper that aggregates some more to think about .....  HELP! I am sinking into the World Ooze ...
You can look at it that way ... or you can look at it as your awareness of the thoughts of society ... twitter (and the likes of stuff like that) is, me thinks, society thinking ...  so join the flow ... help make stuff show up ... or not.

Seth says
M 2010-08-28 10:07:46 14250
seth 2010-08-28 09:55:36 14250
M 2010-08-28 09:35:19 14250
$ociety follows the M$M mostly - touched up a bit by some free thinking on the WWW.  Witness such in the recent discussions of the ground zero mosque (pro/con/insulting/praising ...). I would much rather have one good idea or thought from wherever they come from (private or otherwise) than a thousand lousy ones from the $heeple & talking head$. ** (present company excepted, of course!).
** $ (stands for) = dollar$ = politic$ =mindle$$ following = knee jerk$ = adverti$ing ... etc.

On the other hand you get tweets like this ...
source: benschwartzy
If the mosque can't be built at ground zero, does this mean Catholic churches can't be built near playgrounds?
... ... now where is my blueshade for "So Fucking True"

You just made my point! The machinery (rwg & others) expose that what's going through his mind & now yours is not a new or brilliant idea, but knee-jerki$m - hardly more than your previous political stand. The same goes for ben$schwartzy ...  Random thoughts from the $ocietal machinery!
You miss the point as usual  ... when was the last time you told yourself a good joke and LMAO ? .... why limit the source of your thoughts to your own brain pan?

Mark de LA says
seth 2010-08-28 10:14:53 14250
-snip- too big to keep
You miss the point as usual  ... when was the last time you told yourself a good joke and LMAO ? .... why limit the source of your thoughts to your own brain pan?
LMAO?  You are the one who thinks thoughts are private! I don't limit anything! The en passant thigy in 14217 made me laugh with an inner warmth & chuckle for an embrace. It still does.  I think of amusing things quite frequently & share them with T  & sometimes just keep them to myself.

Seth says
I missed the big LMAO (Laughing my ass off) on the he en passant thigy in 14217 ... what was it?  I'll extend my comment about that, though over there.

Of course here, i am just pushing my favorite leviathan theme and not trying to argue about the value of others thoughts, yours, or my own.  There is a big difference between the thoughts you get from main stream media and those you can gleen from twitter .... you have substantially more choice in the matter ... for on twitter you choose who you follow.  Now the, which is the topic here, adds a bit more user driven focus ... it allows us to focus our thoughts better by tag room, or person, or group of listed people.  It then allows you to time shift so that you don't need to dwell on that all day but rather just go look at that topic when you want.  It continues that trend from blog feeds into the world of twittering.  As such i view it as an advance in the media.  It gives us another tool to make our public thoughts more "our production" ... rather than, if you will, relegating them to a single channel like fox news.

Mark de LA says
Well, sorry about that it repeated itself - perhaps a zen comment on it all

Seth says
You really should delete the humongous comment above and project it more appropriately if you think you actually have not already made your point and it still needs to be made.   I have found new thoughts on twitter.  More importantly, i find what people are actually doing ... and if need be get involved with their activities.   But then those are more in technical areas than in general politics ... but that is just my current focus.   

Mark de LA says
Do an F3 search for en passant on [item 14217] & you are there.  Someone was talking about telling yourself a joke. I arrived there without the medium of language.  It probably won't make you laugh unless you go there, wherever there is,  yourself. It is sort of a Hotei kinda moment.
(re: Seth's comment

...Look for your favorite polarizing issue of the day in twitter & you will find the predominate idea there the same as the M$M which is biased including bashing FoxNews.  Those that are inclined to twit are the same people who are inclined to blog - very few have original ideas different from their favorite talking heads. Politically speaking, many are just acting like the machinery of a megaphone for their own party.  Just because you choose to follow one particular twit that agrees with you doesn't mean much as far as tapping into novel, worthy or new imaginative resources, IMHO as a blogger (of course!)
If you are interested in how the M$M is biassed read this article.
 My focus now is completing the Yi King commentaries study & then moving on through the morass of RS & others ideas on s threefoldness i.e. the perpendicularity to the two-foldness we have today.

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