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About: sikata

EPISODE 1 long ago a monster attacked the village of konosky after damaging almost half of the village, he gave all his power to a boy. now the boy was 16years knowing his power he decided to train and he had to release the konsi that the monster usually called the fire konsi by saying konsi release. he then transformed into the half beast so he started traning with it after 5min he lost control and went on rampage the more he uses it the more it becomes stronger his grand dad knowing its wickness took a mirror and pointed it on sikata it made the kunsi very wick sikata at this point got control and was felling some pain and he said to his gran dad not to use it again and his gran dad called him to advice him about the konsi . he said that he can use a wicker power than the half beast because he had not yet mastered the power.he then told his grandad that he will never use up to the full beast transformation TO BE CONTINUED.... READ ON LINE EVERY FRIDAY hope you like it


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