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Finally we have opened the new shopping system and front door design of our catalog.  For our fastblogit and facebook fans we are offering a one day only coupon for $4.00 of our luggage locator if you take the link from this item to the catalog.

Note that this coupon has now expired ... as the "today" to which it refered was 9/12/2010.


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Seth says
There are known situations where backing up to a previously submitted form will resubmit that form the server.  When this happens i believe that all browsers will inform the client that they are resubmitting the form data.  There are cases where this situation will cause the client to get results that they do not expect.  For example if you recaluclate a quantity in your cart, then complete y our order, then back up to that recalculation post, you cart will reappear as if you had not completed your order, iow all of your purchaced items will still be in your cart.  Denise discovered this yesterday. 

The problem with signin that M is reporting may also be related to backing up.

Perhaps this page contains the way to fix it ... expire the pages in a header.  But i am totally unsure of that and it will take several hours to find out.  Further time and study is needed before i can implement a fix.

Mark de LA says
seth 2010-09-13 11:40:08 14309
M 2010-09-13 11:26:36 14309
Well bro, I will lend my trust in your word & get it through the web site with the caveat that if it turns out to be a POS, I will return it an appropriate doggy litter bag!

You might want to note our return policy ...
source: Speak To Me Catalog Return Policy

Return Policy

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  If you are not completely satisfied with your talking product, you may return it within 30 days for a replacement or full refund.  Please note: the 30 days begins from the date of purchase. Please inspect your product within this time frame.  Please call us at (800) 248-9965 ext. 4 between 8AM-5PM Monday thru Friday PST to get a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) before sending your package back for a refund, credit or exchange.  Also, you must package your return in all of the original product packaging.  Refunds and credit are subject to denial if all product packaging, in its original condition, are not returned.  Place the complete product in a durable carton and be sure to include our packing slip. Also, please note that credits will be given for the product only and not the original shipping charges.  If packages do not have an authorized RMA# it will be refused and returned to you.
Unstated in the policy is the exception we frequently make where the product itself can be proven to be defective. Note that is quite different than when the customer just doesn't like it.  In the case of defective merchandise we either provide the return postage or credit the customer with their shipping back to us.   I don't see any reason to make an exception for you.
The doggy litterbag was just a joke for you, although I might just send you the bag with its other contents for emphasis if the product is hard to distinguish from the what's in the bag.

Seth says
M 2010-09-13 10:55:20 14309
There is something peculiar about your not just trying them out & telling me what you found.  I can't imagine that the package is that hard to put back together as new unless you are just a broker for another off-site outfit, similar to Amazon.com's affiliate program.  The cheaper they get the more suspicious I get. I would not buy a turd on the Internet no matter how cheap it gets.  That having been said, I sought to find something at your new store-front just to help out with the flow. The speakers were the first things that beckoned to me as something I could actually use. I don't have an iPod - someone stole it. The other thing is your string of Halloween Lights. I probably won't do that because I usually discourage T from doing things like that - money is tight. 

There is nothing peculiar going on here ... just a reluctance to spend the 15 minutes that it would take to, get a box, open it carefully so that it can be sold as new, get batteries that are known to be charged enough, plug it in and try it, and perchance muck around with any misconfiguration of the sound coming from my computer.  If there are problems, it could run into much more than 15 minutes.   But trust me on this, i would personally recommend this item ... i do tend to pride myself on writing true sentences  which do not mislead.  The coupon, which hasn't even been made yet, was just because we do have enough margin in this product to afford it.  We have an agenda to identify those products and have coupons for them ready which we can provide to our loyal customers.  It is frequently the case that products which are mature in their niche can be priced lower because the wholesale price has been reduced to us.  This is such a case.  I just used this opportunity to identify MEGABS as one such product. 

Seth says
M 2010-09-13 09:42:08 14309
seth 2010-09-13 09:18:02 14309
M 2010-09-13 08:33:50 14309
seth 2010-09-13 08:26:55 14309
M 2010-09-13 08:02:58 14309
Will your megabass speakers plug into a desktop computer & work? Which port?

Should work in all cases where you have a standard stereo earphone connection,  and that includes a normal PC. 
Have you tried it on your own computer?

Well i do know for a fact that the jack will plug into the computer correctly; because the jack is  identical to the jack coming from my stereo speakers.  I have just verified that by sight inspection and by plugging the jack into the computer.  But, no i have not actually played a sound through the speakers.  Do you want me to take mega-bass out of the packaging, put batteries in it, and verify that it plays correctly?
I assumed that you did that because you show a picture of it & I assumed you test your products before you sell them.  For me, I would need that so as not to blow money on something that works poorly.  As background, my electrician in Arvada blew my nice JB Lansing sound system for my computer by accidentally connecting a 240 line to the 110 while fixing a receptacle.  I have been using earphones ever since.  They are excellent Sennheiser studio earphones I got over 15 years ago, but sometimes I like to relax my ears and listen through speakers.  I am not looking for a $300 experience for 15 bucks, but the experience should at least sound like a cheap radio. 

Well our Mega Bass Compact Stereo Speakers are certainly worth the $14.95 we charge for them, we have been selling them for several years ...  have not gotten any substantive complaints ...  but have gotten many happy customers proclaiming they love for them and purchasing more for their friends.  That said, for the same $15  could get you better speakers that were not so small.  I have some on my desk and if i remember correctly i got them from a PC recycler store for about $10.  The whole advantage of MEGABS , and it's niche in the market, is that  they are portable and fold up to be just 4 1/2 by 3 by 1 1/2 inches.   

That said ... i just checked with denise ... and we could afford to make up a $5 coupon for this product ... watch for it to appear ... you're on our mailing list, are you not?

Seth says
M 2010-09-13 11:36:34 14309

BTW, you have an incomplete web path somewhere near a returning customer not previously set up on your database.  I get a "not programmed yet" response.  Can't help not doing a bit of QA whenever I run into new things.

  Very good, and thanks for the QA. 

I see from our data that you did manage to sign up and complete your order; but unfortunately you haven't provided me with enough information to duplicate the problem.  A returning customer who has not yet been setup on our new online customer data ... which was your case ... who interpreted the box labeled "Returning Customer" as applying to them should have gotten the message in red: "Sorry we have no record of anybody ever signing up with the email address...." .  Did you get that message?  ... or did you do that?  What was the exact circumstance in which you experienced something that you describe as "an incomplete web path" ?  [How did it make you feel? LOL] What is an incomplete web path?  Can you reproduce the same result? 

Seth says
seth 2010-09-13 12:31:39 14309
seth 2010-09-13 12:27:26 14309
seth 2010-09-13 12:10:36 14309
M 2010-09-13 11:36:34 14309

BTW, you have an incomplete web path somewhere near a returning customer not previously set up on your database.  I get a "not programmed yet" response.  Can't help not doing a bit of QA whenever I run into new things.

Ok, i was able to reproduce this situation.  If you have signed up already and to to https://www.speaktomecatalog.com/sign.php ... you will see it again and again.  
  The thing is there should be no path to sign.php without any GET or POST parameters provided from the client ... or for that matter any GET or POST parameters which are not specifically programmed to happen.  So the only way for that to have occurred, me thinks, would have been for someone to go directly to the address i interlinked above or to have somehow manipulated the url.  Was that what you did?  Or did you get  that message from normal usage?
Ok, you can get there by backing up in your browser after having signed on.   I wonder if i should redirect you to the front door when that is the case.
I'll wait your response before i fix it, as you may have discovered something that i have not covered above.

Mark de LA says
Well, here is how I can recreate it.  First I have to sign out.  Then I try to buysomething & click the cart icon. Then I get the following page:

I click the click here button after entering my email & voilla ! sorry I wasn't clear because I had to try it again & thought I couldn't

Seth says
M 2010-09-13 13:24:52 14309
It's quite simple but I won't be able to recreate it because I signed up to get out of the problem.  I assumed I was in your database from before because I always get your promo emails. I said I was a returning customer and put my current email in the thingy.  I put in one of my traditional passwords & current email in the right side boxes - since I assumed you didn't have my current credit card on file. Thats when I got the not programmed message.

well that is the particular situation that i cannot reproduce.  One thing you should know is that you were not in the database that is being consulted here, rather you were in another database that is not accessible to the new online system in any way.  So when you put in your email and old password you should have gotten the message: Sorry we have no record of anybody ever signing up with the email address. Which is what i get now when i try  to signin as a returning customer using an email and password not in the system yet.  So i am at a loss to figure out how you could have possible gotten that response under those circumstances  reported.  Note you can always Signout and try it again with some other email address unknown as yet to the system.  What browser were you using?   Are you absolutely sure that you did not back up in your browser?  Did you get that response on the very first time you clicked the Sign in button?

Seth says
seth 2010-09-13 14:49:21 14309
thanks for recreating it.

unfortunately i can't recreate it here with your instructions.  What browser were you using? Which button did you click upon to submit the form?  What cookies do you have?
You can show me your cookies by capturing a picture of the result of  clicking to here.

Seth says
M 2010-09-13 14:56:09 14309
seth 2010-09-13 14:49:21 14309
thanks for recreating it.

unfortunately i can't recreate it here with your instructions.  What browser were you using? Which button did you click upon to submit the form?  What cookies do you have?

I have Windows7 w/ IE8 latest. After selecting your Halloween lights I pressed the cart Icon & got exhibit 1 above.  I entered my email flushgov in the right hand side & pressed the clickhere button - that's it! First I logged off because if I didn't your cookies assume I am coming back.
Kudos!  It is in fact a bug that i have not programmed the "clickhere" button to  allow sombody to reset their password.  I had forgotten that i needed to do that .  That is far more serious than the backup or URL tamering that i was suspecting.

Thanks, i have added $20 to your catalog cash.   

Seth says
M 2010-09-22 10:47:40 14309
I got my MEGABS yesterday.  They work well in the headphone jack on the front of my computer.  I have only one complaint, their cord is only 1 foot long.

You prolly can get an extension at radio shack. 

I do appreciated your feedback on our website and on the way we do business.  I am trying to be a bit more honest in our communications and business dealings that is customary in today's market place.

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