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Mark de LA says
What's wrong with this picture.  I would like to know the numbers on some of these electric cars & why they seem to be failing companies & why they fail.

Mark de LA says
Seem to be a lot of "green" enterprises of Obama built on business plans which end up in bankruptcy:
I hope the country isn't also following suit.

Mark de LA says

MeE says
MeE 2014-01-06 15:49:57 14478
Then too Toyata seems to be doing a fuel cell car off hydrogen: here See also Bush vision 2004 -

Mark de LA says
I know I said it elsewhere, but electric cars look good until you figure out where the electricity comes from ( a lot of it coal) xor where the metals which make it come from – the entire picture not just what ALgore wants you to see.
Also: !

Mark de LA says
Samo-samo the disease is spreading globally to epidemic proportions. 

California lawmaker wants to ban gas car sales after 2040

Mark de LA says
Still want to see a study of the total co$t (pollution,$,labor,subsidy,all materials) of an electric car specifically:
  1. the supply chain for batteries particularly the metals involved
  2. the supply chain for the plastics, body, tires, chassis 
  3. the supply chain for the electricity to charge the battery – coal, natural gas, nuclear, wind, .,, & the supply chain of their industries
  4. supply chain of climatologists (names please) who claim the effects on the Earth will get better for the humans there & how much.

Mark de LA says
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