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About: Frequently Asked Questions about FastBlogIt.Com

Need to adjust the link in this item to go somewhere....


Seth says
I'm not understanding what is being asked here.    The group named "faq" is hard coded into the system.   When starting a new  system on a  different domain,  simply open up a  group with whatever password (it can even be open) with that name and the faq button will point to it.   There are several groups that are hard coded for specific functions at each domain.  I believe that this is an exaustive list of them:
  • faq
  • ads
  • censors
  • commons

Mark de LA says
It's simple... the link in the body goes nowhere . Click on it to verify my claim!

Mark de LA says
or at least (it may be empty) put an "F" in front of astblogit

Seth says
only link i see is [about: url http://fastblogit.com/faq/item/569/] which goes to the designated item. Can you be more specific.

Mark de LA says
source: question in the tagroom astblogit , faq , to answer. That is where
the quoted link went nowhere (apparently empty) ... which I since filled by adding tags to the item itself.  Notice the link is missing an f .

Seth says
Well i deleted that very old item which could not even be edited. I updated it according to the new scm syntax and tagged it correctly. Hopefully now you will find it to your likeing.