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They may be right within the law, but what's the point of busting kids selling cup-cakes? The same goes for a kid flying the American flag on his bike.
Equally disgusting is various school principles & administrators kicking children out of school for drawing a gun  on a piece of paper violating a school's zero tolerance on weapons- give me a break!
 I think the various people involved should have their pictures published & be remembered by a negative vote the next time they are up for election for lack of good judgement.
New Castle (NY?) Councilman Michael Wolfensohn


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Seth says
I don't know ... i walk in parks like this in Renton all the time ... would i find it offensive were i to see one group of kids selling cupcakes in it?  ... probably not ... would i find it offensive were i to see several vendors hawking hot dogs and ice cream and elephant ears ....  probably so. 

Thing is, if you have a zoning law and need to get a permit to sell in a public place, why would you not want to enforce that law equally to all people ... not just against the ones who are not cute.  Picture is from the Gedney Park website in Newcastle.

Mark de LA says
Yep, but the article suggested that it would have been OK by the councilman if they were selling cupcakes for charity.  I don't think we have a picture of where the boys were actually doing their cupcake stand; perhaps near the playground or picnic area.  I suspect they would not have done very much business on the trail you pictured.  It helps to have all the facts - thanks for your research.  Maybe the councilman had nothing better to do that day or stopped to take a piss.

Mark de LA says
Add this to the collection: Cops bust seven men playing chess in upper Manhattan park ; there always is an excuse or law to justify the officiousness - "for the children" is the most overused one I know. Carried to one end of the extreme spectrum, children & their parents will get isolated from the rest of us because our morals (not yours & mine of course) have gone bezerk. Sometimes the lack of religion has consequences - the Golden Rule is missing & in this case & many others Luke XI,46 applies.

Mark de LA says
Here is another

City puts a stop to homeless outreach

Couple must have proper permit to continue feeding dozens each day

Ruling class bastards should use common sense sometimes.  I wonder if the soup kitchens during the great depression were permited & licensed.  Larry & I tried to do similar in the '70s at PJ2, but it failed for other reasons.

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