Prunes for Breakfast

Prunes are my favorite breakfast.   I'll write more about them later ... for now i'm just recording a fact for later use.

2 lbs 10 oz of pitted prunes were put in a container to soak in cold water on 12/6/2010.  There was enough cold water to cover the prunes and about 1 inch more in the container.

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thinking about doing a study of this commodity food in the context of a buying club foodcoop


Buying comparison ...

 Fred Meyer
   $6.69/lb  labeled ORGANIC see picture below
 Win Co  
 $2.88/lb  ?
 Azure Standard  21 lb
4 X 5lb bags
Taylor Brothers Prunes, Pitted, Organic
Brooks Prunes from DK Market  2 lb (32 oz) for $3.99
Brooks Prunes with pits
Explicitidly state contains  Potassium Sorbate (see picture in comment).

I actually tried some of these.  They are rather larger, have pits, and do not easily soften when soaked in water ... they do not make a nice sirup, and have a disturbing taste.  Denise likened it to hair grease.    I'll never do that again. 

So i picked up the 21 lb case of 4 bags ... $24.15/bag ... or $4.60/lb


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Seth says
12/11/2010 starts day 1 of this container of prunes which weighs 7lbs 11.5 oz including the container.

Seth says
Ate the last day of the prunes today ... that means that i got 11 breakfasts out of this batch.  The container weighs 12.9 oz ... and i gave denise 1 8.6 oz glass of thick prune juice out of the batch ... that means that the 11 breakfasts consisted of 102 oz of prunes and syrup ... which is on average 9.27 oz per serving

Seth says
seth 2011-01-03 09:18:47 14664
I buy prunes from Fred Meyer in bulk at $5.49/ lb.  How much does each serving cost?
(42 oz prunes * $.34/oz)/11 servings = $1.31/serving

Seth says
M 2011-05-03 11:36:57 14664
seth 2011-05-03 10:44:10 14664
M 2011-05-03 10:30:07 14664
seth 2011-05-03 09:36:23 14664
M 2011-05-03 09:24:04 14664
Do your prunes have potassium sorbate & sulphur dioxide in them?
i don't know.  I get them in bulk from either Fred Meyer or WinCo.  Next time i get a chance i'll see if there is any literature on the bins.  Why, are these especially dangerous?
It is hard to find out how dangerous or not they are. The only unadulterated ones I could find were via the Internet & would have to pay too much.  I did them once & had to soak them first. I usually do the costco brand. I get a strange almost sickening feeling eating them on an empty stomach this AM.  They flush the intestines out nicely though! Having gone vegan a few days ago for health & clean foods rather than weight loss I seem more sensitive to what goes in the body.

I doubt that your "strange almost sickening feeling" related to any chemical preservitives in the prunes.  I get what i call a prune high shortly after i eat mine.  I think it's related to the fructose ... it is very particular and quite intense and fairly reliable feeling.  I relate to it as a good feeling.   If i manage to get a plum tree and manage to dry them, i'll send you some ... but don't burn your other sources waiting.
The funny thing that I remember from the dried out ones was that they neither caused the usual diarrhea nor did I get what you call the sugar rush.

Well i definitely do get a "sugar rush" (prune high) but this is where i'm eating a whole bowl (~ 9 oz) with lots of the natural syrup which comes from my patented way of soaking the prunes.  The smooth movement comes in about half hour and i would not characterize it as diarrhea.

Seth says
some discussion in context of our buying club perhaps will happen here.

Seth says
The cost of organic prunes at Fred Meyer

Seth says
3.99 / 32 oz from DK Asian Market .. certainly one of the best souces of fruits and vegetables at the cheapest prices in Renton.

source: the prune guy

Brooks Prunes

While claimed by many to be from Brooks Oregon, the Brooks prune was found in another Oregon town, Lafayette. Considered by many prune lovers, Gus included, to be the best flavored prune available. It is not as often grown commercially as it once was, because as it grows, a small piece of the pit can separate from the rest of the pit. This is not a problem for prunes that are not pitted. By a slim margin, the Brooks prune is our best seller at the farmers market.

... so note, these still have pits.

Seth says
well the last batch is substantually gone .. some here ... some there.   so do it again.

4 X 5 lb bags  Taylor Brothers Prunes, Pitted, Organic for $96

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