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Other People's Money: insurance, big government, politics & campaigns etc. is the root of a societal disease which undoubtedly prompted Heinlein to say the quote I like to repeat often & in 14370.  When the exchange is all one way, i.e. money for nothing it is really a disease. When there is an exchange of work, goods, ideas & technology expertise it makes the economy work. Credit is part of the disease when the value of whatever is bought in exchange for credit disappears well before the debt is ever payed off.  A lesser known quote which I discovered this AM is:
Robert A. Heinlein: ... A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.
Which is pertinent here because one party continually uses the phrase "tax-cuts for the rich" as a mantra of class-envy to put their greasy government hands on more of what is not theirs. I shall henceforth call them the party of Robin Hood.
Simple, eh?
Let this stimulate a little thought before I propose some other solutions.


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Mark de LA says
Porkulus as usual is being explored to get a bill not passable on its own merits passed against the will of the people:

  • Senate Adds Rum Sweeteners to Tax Bill

    Tax cut bill introduced by Sen. Harry Reid is chock-full of sweeteners — which cover everything from the film industry to rum producers — to serve as a legislative pacifier for Dems upset at the president

  • the above headlines via FoxNews today. This is the basic disease in its full glory.

    Mark de LA says
    seth 2010-12-10 12:10:39 14668
    I guess you like to throw around propositions like "against the will of the people" notwithstanding that the pols are showing that over 60% of the people are for the Obama compromise.
    Polls only reflect the degree that the Obama and his fellow travelers get their ideas into the various M$M outlets.  If the people knew that the so-called compromise was laden with poison pills like allocations for funding obamacare (a tactic to prevent the attempt to defund it next year) & more spending than all the tax revenues they might get from the so-called rich they might rethink their responses to polls (or not).  Everyone is for tax-cuts except the party of Robin Hood.

    C says
    The federal budget ? The last time I tried to do a hierarchical pie chart of the federal budget I noticed that it didn't add up. That was several years ago.  Too much on and off budget items & earmarks etc.  I ran intothis image this morning which crisps up that idea

    Mark de LA says
    ... or maybe this:
    This could be a presage of your children's plight untangling it all!

    Mark de LA says
    Again a bill shows up which nobody has read in its entirety - here are the headlines via Drudge if you give a shit:
    New spending bill totals $1.1 TRILLION!
    $575 million PER PAGE...
    6,488 earmarks...
    McConnell fumes: 'No one has seen it'...
    Reid threatens to keep Congress into next year...
    Really lame duck: Congress' Job Approval Rating Worst in GALLUP History...
    Let's remove the job security in Congress - permanently!  The job insecurity should be in government rather than we the people who pay its bills. I don't particularly like trademarked images but here is one that crisps it up (congress wears the blue):

    Seth says
    Of the 1.1 trillion, i heard this morning that 8 billion of it is for earmarks.  Maybe they can strip those out this time if they are so worried about the national debt.  We will see.

    Mark de LA says

    Here's McConnell's full statement: (he is introducing a continuing resolution to fund the government at its current level until February avoiding the bums-rush 1.1 trillion$$$ con-job of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-RobinHood axis.)

    I want the American people to see something. I want them to see the piece of legislation Democrats dropped on us three days before Congress was expected to wrap up and go home for Christmas break.

    I want the American people to cast their minds back to last year, when Democrats did the same thing.

    They dropped the 2,700-page health care bill on us because they didn’t want us to see what was in it.

    Only afterward did we find out about the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, and all the rest.

    Well here we go again.

    All of this is eerily familiar to anyone who remembers the health care debate.

    We’ve even got snow in the forecast — just like last year, when we voted on the health care bill in a blizzard.

    This bill is so enormous it took the Government Printing Office two days to print it.

    It spends more than half a billion dollars a page.

    It runs just under 2,000 pages.

    And it’s got more than a billion dollars in it for the Democrat health care bill that an ever-growing number of Americans want to repeal, not fund.

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