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    The progressive left has a great pair of lips to service their wet-dream. This is the latest, bringing forward 3838. She does have some very interesting points of view, some should be expanded upon &/or investigated for truth.  If she didn't have to stand on her point of view & agenda what do you think her vision of a Utopia might be? What is her agenda underneath all of this?
     Apparently she has a new book out called At the Tea Party.
     Does anyone think we can or could find the truth in what she says regardless of whether you are pro or con?


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U says
You can also find her on facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/grittv & http://www.facebook.com/#!/LFlanders

Seth says

Well her book hasn't shown up on any of my readers yet, neither google nor kindle.   I guess she is selling it as an eBook through orbooks for $10.   But just browsing for key words in her excerpt here on my desktop  tells me that i'm not interested in the whole Beck, Palin, pea soup partisan ship ... so no way i'm spending time reading her book and using my money to do it.  She sounds good though ... im just not into partisan bickering anymore ... its not something that i can actually affect!

U says
Via the tao distinction all the way to Infinity -  anti-partisanship breeds partisanship.  Additionally we may find that those in the anti-partisanship crowd will only be those who could not win arguments in the partisan crowd - more pea soup.  See the no-labels cult for more information.
There is nothing brave or lofty about anti-partisanship.  What is needed is those who can make a transformation into very new dimensions or think from the heart chakra

U says
seth 2010-12-22 14:13:34 14735
source: M, whoever
anti-partisanship breeds partisanship.
... that is pretty close to confusion to me. 

In any case i'm not like crusading against partisanship as your foisting the word "anti-partisanship" might imply to you.  My attitude is more to ignore it.  Yes if i actively fought it, that might tend to call up the opposite in opposition.  But that's not what i am doing.  All i do is to recognize it when i hear it and turn away to put my attention where it can have more effect.  Somtimes you get in the way of my truning away on fastblogit ... but then that has more to do with you than with me.
That's pretty close to kabuki, but the dance is the same! Any concept contains its opposite. Embrace the whole & move on.

Mark de LA says
Put in the context of a plastic habit or diet if confronted with a cheeseburger or a piece of chocolate cake you have two or more opposing views to reconcile or not. One is to eat them the other is to stay on a diet. There may be more. My experience is the more that I fight with one side or the other the stronger the other side gets. I have to make a new context to view the whole conundrum. One possible way out is to frame the situation as about choice & not temptation (which I have done here). True choice has no reason behind it - it just is. Another is to view it all in the context of golden rule whereby my actions are interpreted for the greater good of all that they influence (i.e. the healthier I make myself the better I can serve the greater good.) .. etc . There is no final answer.

Seth says
Well i too have the "experience the more that I fight with one side or the other the stronger the other side gets" .... and yes re-framing the context gets you out of it ... not always easy to do.

Mark de LA says
Laura castigates the filibuster rule in the Senate as being an obstruction to the majority of the Senate's will.  It only means that shifts the voting requirements to a 2/3 (66 votes) requirement. 
What would she or you substitute for the rule to protect the minority's rights; considering that who's in the majority shifts by voting from time to time.  In a democratic-republic with representative government we elect a whole senate to consider & deliberate on legislation not just 51/100.

Mark de LA says
Compare & contrast the way the Occupy Wall Street bunch behave & the way the tea partiers did.


Bloomberg: 'Occupy Wall Street' Hurting NYC Economy...

Park Not Cleaned In 3 Weeks...

Protester defecates on police car...

Seth says
here is a good propaganda image for the tea party ....thanks.

Mark de LA says
& here's one for the progressives:

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