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he smiled . Then he went back to bedhe got up a MONSTER IS IN THE HOUSE he saidAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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Si says

I believe this is fixed. It appears to have been a strange context related thing where a group can have anonymous status like funnypages did. I fixed that particular path though the logic and also put error reports on all the other 5 or 6 corner cases you have going in the tag editor that were just an immediate exit with no error or reason given … that is why it was just a blank screen.

So if you get back an error page with a lot of stuff on it … post it for me to look at. In case there are any other odd paths for tags.

Seth says
nathan of group nathan 2016-03-07 14:57:16 [item 14825#48383]

p.s. this and the above comment are the first ever created non-test markdown comments

Did I say I love markdown?

seth of group seth 2016-03-07 14:58:50 [item 14825#48384]
i have no idea what you are developing there.
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 14:59:59 [item 14825#48385]

Nothing special. Just that I am writing my stuff in Markdown, that's all.

So much easier to use than the html rte!

seth of group seth 2016-03-07 15:01:24 [item 14825#48386]
kewl … looking foward to seeing the grammar of that language.
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 15:07:17 [item 14825#48387]

I will supply a pointer when it is well tested. Right now even you even follow the link it won't mean anything to you until you can actually use it, right?

Right now Markdown editing is in apha … and I don't want that kind of pain!


Seth says
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 15:10:00 [item 14825#48388]

But as you can see, I can do all the usual stuff. Even smile

And make lists.

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three

Even headers

And about twice as fast as I can in the RTE

seth of group seth 2016-03-07 15:19:02 [item 14825#48390]
can you write it directly in the RTE? …. is *this phrase* bold?

Holmes says

No. My account has a hidden (alpha) setting that gives me an option of which editor I want to use. The editor pops up the same way in the same place as the RTE with the same frame and buttons, but is a different editing surface inside … in this case it is the ACE markdown editor.

This is not only pioneering Markdown as an alternative editing choice here, but it is pioneering the whole system for alternative media. In fact, I am using the unused “media” field in the post table to store the editor to use.

Someday this same ability will allow editing floodles, or memes, or even Mark’s projective geometry the same easy way … by swapping out the editor surface on-demand.

But even right now the Markdown editor and the RTE create HTML and edit it … so up to a point (which I am still working on expanding) either editor can be used just as well to edit any comment or thought. If you edit it as markdown, then the editor simply converts the html into markdown first, and back to html when done. This works for anything that has a markdown equivlent, including images and tables and blockquotes. It only doesn't work for very special things like iFrames and a few others … but with a little extra sauce (in the form of regex rules) even those can be supported.

notice the bad word breaks in the above paragraph … like I say, it's alpha. no need for you to try and learn markdown on an alpha editor

And the markdown editor is not a generic textbox. It is a full feature color coded syntax highlighting editor with all the bells and wistles like auto numbering on lists and many other things.

Holmes says
Can’t you sign into funnypages? Same password as fbi?
What else is out of control?

Holmes says
seth of group seth 2016-03-07 16:47:12 [item 14825#48397]
yes yes

wizzard probably should move this pertinent knowledge out of Riley’ 2011 thought laugh … i think he was about 12.  i’d do it myself but the protocol for such in admin is a bit of a challenge at the moment and i seem to have lost controll of group funnypages in all of this turbulence. 

tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 16:48:39 [item 14825#48398]
IDK … all of that was just FYI … if you have read it, delete it.
seth of group seth 2016-03-07 16:51:33 [item 14825#48399]
no no no …. this is exactly the kind of knowledge that i rely on this extension of my intelligence to remember.
Okay. You are welcome to move it into your primary cybernetic cortex then.

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