Democrat party & Unionistas acting like their Mascot

About: Text of Senate Bill 11 on collective bargaining in Wisconsin

I wonder if any of the loud protesters who shout their wild hyperbole & rhetoric even knows what is in the actual bill. Some of the truant kids out with their teachers didn't even know what they were doing there. Negotiation with public sector unions is unfair & distinct from private negotiations between say an auto worker and the manufacturer of automobiles. In the public sector no matter how bad the deal is for the public, the taxpayer has to pick up the tab. Negotiators have no stake in the game.
Meanwhile the Democrat party members in the state senate all left the state to avoid voting on the bill.


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Mark de LA says
Juxtapose this story of an Arvada 11 year old autistic boy being arrested for drawing stick figures of him with a gun aimed at his classmates - against real teachers in Wisconsin showing their students how to riot & break the law & you may wonder if the World hasn't gone insane.

Mark de LA says
... & now Democrats in Indiana flee their responsibilities rather than stand for a vote & be counted.  What do they want - taxation without representation or just the without representation part.

Mark de LA says
 Here's looking at your kids:

C says
~ once an community organizer, always an organizer!
  We should have elected a leader!

Mark de LA says
Obama touts S.C. Boeing plant that NLRB sued: ...

President Obama rallied with union workers at a Boeing plant in Washington, but he praised the manufacturing conducted by Boeing in South Carolina, even though his National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) tried to close the South Carolina plant at the behest of the Washington union workers.

"So this company is a great example of what American manufacturing can do in a way that nobody else in the world can do it," Obama told the assembled workers this afternoon at the Everett, Wash., Boeing plant.   "And the impact of your success, as I said, goes beyond the walls of this plant.  Every Dreamliner that rolls off the assembly line here in Everett supports thousands of jobs in different industries all across the country. Parts of the fuselage are manufactured in South Carolina and Kansas," Obama also noted before mentioning factories in other states.

... Also remember Obama made recess appointments to the NRLB which was trying to close the South Carolina plant - HYPOCRISY UNBOUNDED!

Mark de LA says
... & union intimidation:
I wonder if this is illegal. This smacks of desperation.

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