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     A company paying workers mediated by a labor union in the private sector has a balance through negotiating, strikes & a company lockout. Each side has some degree of balance with the other.  In the case of public unions, however the balance is just not the same. The employer is the tax payer & the executive is the region mayor, governor or the president whose incentives are to get re-elected: the more he/she gives away the more he/she can expect to be rel-elected.  Tax payers have no bargaining rights except, currently, the vote.  
     I propose that the taxpayers have the right to refuse to pay their taxes for any striking public employees. I propose that the taxpayers have the right to lock-out employees who refuse to come to work & even fire them. There is a National Taxpayer Union, but it is only an advocacy (lobby) group without any teeth. I propose laws be changed to make my proposal legal.


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Mark de LA says
... & a picture (cartoon) says more than 1000 words....

Mark de LA says
~ the politics of unions:
Meanwhile, Wisconsin passes Gov. Scott Walker's controversial labor bill Friday that severely limits the collective bargaining powers for the vast majority of the state's public employees.

Some other states may follow suit.

Mark de LA says
The Wikipedia has a lot of details on the Wisconsin law here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Wisconsin_Act_10

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