Cloud Drives and Cloud Players

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Google and Apple have been rumored to be hard at work on their own cloud-based players, but it looks like Amazon beat them to the punch. Amazon’s Cloud Player will certainly face a stiff challenge when they launch their own streaming music services, especially given Google’s control over Android and Apple’s control over iPhone and iTunes.

On-line storage upgrades will cost starting at  $20 a year for 20 GB.

Of course you know what i'm going to say they need  do ...
  • not to lock out each other: android vs iOs, Google vs iTunes
  • ability to mark stuff public and give it a URL - checking and enforcing copyright of course.  don't assume that the person uploading is only uploading stuff they purchace and therefore cannot share it with the public

But at 5gb free, hopefully useable for any kind of files, i'll probably play with it ... hmm ... or will i wait for Google ?


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Seth says
seth 2011-04-13 14:23:42 15114
Perhaps this article about Google is related to thier cloud drives ...

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