My new high-res camera

About: coolpix S80 from nikon

Well let's face it the resolution of the iPod camera is just not sufficient for real photography like for example what is needed for taking pictures of products at ... if it were, then that would be all i would need in my pocket. So to augment it, i must needs this one too.

So far it looks like it takes good photos right out of the box.  Also shares well with my Picasa3.  I chose the S80 primarially because it fits nicely in my pocket, no case required, the slide lock guarding the lens.

We'll see ...


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Seth says
detailed review of camera here.

Seth says
Hard to get the manual ... but it is here in pdf ... it might error if you try to print it ... and might need to sign in to get it.  I have no idea why they make it so tedious to get the manual.