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R. Manusiwa says
Dear Mr. Devin,

I want to ask you:" What is your e-mail adress. I tried so hard to mail you but till now it did not work.

with Regards,

R. Manusiwa (my parents are from Oma (Haruku island)

R. Manusiwa says
No comment at the moment.

just watch my question about yor e mail adress

with Regards,

R. Manusiwa

Seth says
I can give you Chaumont Devin's last know email address, just email me at .

meela says
chaumont devin past away yesterday, my mentor. its an honor to know you tete

Patricia Hulsey says
Did Joe pass away? I am an old friend.
Please email me at with the details.
Thank you.

paul jameson says
i am an old friend. shocked to find out Joe is gone. Can you tell me how and where he died.

paul jameson says
Sorry, forgot my email It is

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