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We had 3 mothers & one grandmother in our family + our sister, a great grandmother herself, which makes 5.  Two mothers died of cancer. One had a stroke. Grandmother on the mother's side essentially had dementia after being lost in the woods (Alzheimer's?). . Brother #2 of four children had a heart attack & is gone. Is there a f'n clue here? We all ate meat & dairy. The above book seems to suggest that there is & what to do about it. I have the Kindle edition which is easy to read, but the paper version is even less expensive. Lots of URL's to check our in the book & above.  I intend to live longer & healthier than my father & father-in-law both of whom died at 90. They were the exceptions, but my father had severe rheumatoid arthritis & my father-in-law died of a heart attack. My mother-in-law had angina, but died of a stroke instead (I blame the blood thinners).
The basic premise of the book is that all of these diseases & diabetes also could have been prevented & even reversed by eliminating dairy & meat (anything with a face or an asshole) & most pre-packaged foods. The rest is mostly common sense exercise & in my case backing off of the peanut butter.


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C says
If I were a cynic I would say invest in small farmer's markets & whole foods. Fuck the mass-produced food supply!
... Remember the Food Revolution starts with you (don't wait for government) - it's bottom-up not top-down.

C says
I'm not entirely sure that taking apart a soybean into tofu & Bragg's amino acids is any more whole food than taking apart a grain of wheat into bran etc. Ditto for soy sauce & texturized soy protein. I have always been amused by those who go vegetarian & vegan who cling to their old habits by eating fake hot dogs, fake hamburgers, fake cheese etc. made to look like the old things they are giving up.  So far I eat whole soy beans & some tofu although I am looking for a source of tofu that does not use Magnesium Chloride & Calcium Sulfate as a coagulants. Some say the soybean is ~ 40% fat. Maybe there are other beans which are better nutritionally.  I like the soy sauce as a condiment. I could make my own tofu with vinegar or lemon juice as a coagulant, but why go to the trouble when I can just boil the beans.

C says
The portobello mushroom burger was good last night. Even T (my carnivore) liked it. Must get rid of all that salt (sodium) in the soy sauce & get some vege Worchestershire sauce. I have an atomizer for olive oil. Can't see why it is worse than PAM.

C says
seth 2011-05-24 08:21:56 15260
I tend to agree and suspect that the claims of Engine are an exaggeration. 
Most of it is based on The China Study - facebook, which I have not read yet. The overwhelming evidence in our family suggests a bad run of genetic karma or something else, though. Is the movie showing yet in your area?

C says
seth 2011-05-24 08:51:55 15260
Lately i've gotten into beans.  I just kind of like their texture and how they are cooked.  In a way they don't have a specific taste ... just a texture.  So you give them a taste based upon their seasoning.  They are to me here like a blank canvas. 

Isn't tofu just some extraction of soy beans?  Why not just use beans? ... why is better to buy tofu ? ... is it just the convenience? 

For me now, having a pre-processed ingredient just means a loss of an opportunity to make it myself.   But then i got into cooking, don't recommend that attitude for everybody.  For example, you said it was easy to make your own crushed tomatoes ... well, cool i learned how to boil water, score the tomatos, and drop them in ice water, peel the skin, and the dink with their texture like i want.  Now i feel better about tomatoes .
Last week I ate the soy beans flavored with curry. Soy beans are not as soft as others. Making tofu (soybean curd) is like making cottage cheese (which I have done). First you have to make soy milk by boiling the beans & then grinding them up, filter through cloth & take the milk & boil it with the coagulant which can be vinegar or lemon juice - both of which give it flavor. The amount of water you press out of the results using a square box sieve or other device determines the firmness. Simply put, there are other things I would rather do, but for purity sake I might do it some day.

C says
Nutrition data on edamame beans (fresh):

Mark de LA says
In retrospect the Kindle edition is not that useful. The kindle uses location numbers which are not the same numbers as the page numbers of the original book. The original book has inline references to other pages in the book for recipe information.  Can't go directly to a page.  You have to make your own bookmarks for direct access instead of serial. I wish I had bought the paperback.

C says
seth 2011-05-31 09:06:49 15260
do you have a kindle now?
T does ... I use hers. She got it thinking she could covertly read it during her work.

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