Meet Joe Black

An interesting molologue from William Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) from the movie. ~ 56 minutes into the movie.
source: ... PARRISH (cont'd)
Umm -- I did enjoy -- or rather I
was interested in meeting John yes-
terday -- impressive... I suppose...
But it did get me to thinking.  I
started in this business because
this is what I wanted to do.  I knew
I wasn't going to write the Great
American Novel, but I also knew
there was more to life than buying
something for a dollar and selling
it for two.
  I wanted to give the
news to the world, and I wanted to
give it unvarnished.  The more we
all know about each other, the
greater the chance we will survive.

Sure, I want to make a profit, you
can't exist without one but John
Bontecou is all profit.  If we give
him license to absorb Parrish
Communications, and he has his eye
on a few others after us, we'll be
appointing him to the position he
craves -- Gatekeeper.  In order to
reach the world you will have to go
through John Bontecou.  And not only
will you have to pay him to do this,
far more expensive, you'll have to
agree with him.  Reporting the news
is a privilege and a responsibility
and it is not exploitable.  Parrish
Communications has earned this priv-
ilege, John Bontecou wants to buy
it.  As your chairman, I urge you to
agree this company is not for sale.



Mark de LA says
.... any resemblance to current M$M is purely coincidental.