Transcendental Meditation - ETC.

I have been trying to pin down transcendental meditation as one of the simplest forms of meditation. What I have gathered so far is that it is a form of mantra meditation - possibly enhanced by sounds.
    Mantra meditation technique as taught by GW was simply to choose a phrase in some language such as "Aum Mane Padme Hum"  & chant it in your mind to focus on it to the exclusion of all other internal material. The technique part was to initially start out (internally) loud & slow & then periodically make it softer & faster. I sometimes take the thwans of his BC2 or bc1 & do thus before going to sleep.
   When TM first came out I had information that suggested that TM was focusing on removing all content from the mind as it came up. That would be similar to a hypnotic trance induction I learned to use - fill your mind with a favorite beach scene & let the waves take away anything that comes up in the mind.  Often the sound of a bowl is used to help the mind change its contents.
   Finally, I mention Zazen which is focusing on one's breath while wide awake. I tried it for a year - sitting up straight with eyes focused on a spot on the rug. Anything that came up was just noise & I returned my focus back to breathing.  After a while I changed my focus to " I breathe" which got "I" into the picture.
   As far as TM goes with a cursory search of the Internet all I get is that it is a scam for parting $$$ from would be acolytes.  Most of the other techniques will describe it in one way or another. A very kewl bowl sound YouTube is here: which I am listening to as I finish this item.


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