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(<-* credit) ...  Well GWB & Obama may have made gaffs by pluralizing the Internet, but it may become real to enhance cyberscurity according to this story.
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The U.S. Internet, by virtue of its adherence civil liberties, is more like the wild west. Everyone does everything online anonymously, and while that's great for liberties, it's also dangerous when cyber criminals/foreign hackers are roaming the cyber countryside.

The proposed solution: a dot-secure safe zone (basically, a separate Internet) where things like financial institutions, sensitive infrastructure, government contractors, and the government itself can hide behind heavier defenses.

Your fourth amendment privacy rights wouldn't apply here, as you would consent to give them up upon entry; as when walking onto a military base or into an airport, users would have to show detailed identification and credentials to get in. Those who want to remain anonymous on the Web can still frolic about in the world of dot-com, but in the dot-secure realm you would have to prove you are you.

... Big brother here we come.  The Devil is in the details like who/what will be forced to use the new Internet (like financials, maybe).  Maybe even health care. Look for the legislation in 2000 page bundles soon to an ISP near you.  Maybe, like a lot of the current admin's methodology the whole thingy will be left to regulators & unelected bureaucrats under the thumb of the ruling class.


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Seth says
Dialogue on this happened on fb here, here, and here ... that is for some value of "this".

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