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I love this book. It is direct, Zen & insightful.  On the subject of Anger (BofNK 23:38) it gives the components of the nature of the emotion Anger:
  1. Anger is about something that has passed
  2. Based on a feeling of hurt
  3. Revealing a core sense of incapacity
  4. Regenerating a sense of capacity through a destructive intent or feeling-reaction.

These are my comments & understanding of the anger situation.  These are within my conscious control as I am willing to be conscious of what is happening. The first is be present to the current moment, NOW, & not the past. The second is be fully present to the hurt & my involvement in creating it as well as my self-ego-personality that I am protecting the incapacity for. Some, probably most of that self is an illusion. Within, somewhere, there is also a higher ego which can take responsibility for the way I am being, not like an escape, but more like a transformation of what the anger & hurt reveal. The alternative to being conscious is to be less conscious (go back to sleep), be open to others' anger & continue living & being in helplessness.

... & then there is the Serenity Prayer which works in mysterious ways.


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