The Secret Ingredient is Parsnips

Jason went to the store for me, so i asked him to pick a vegetable ... any vegetable.   This is what he picked.  So tomorrow i will make something with parsnips.  Just like chopped


  I made Parsnip and Lentil soup from this recipe.  It was ok, nothing to write home about.  But the biscuits were, as usual just as exceptional as you will get from Red Lobster.

but i got CHOPPED ... see game on facebook


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Mark de LA says
Hope you didn't make the biscuits the way i last made them from Bisquick -

Seth says
Why not bisquick ?   It's what works!  All it is is flower, shorting and baking powder ... but it is ducently difficult to get the exact mix right  ... easier and cheeper just to buy a big box of the stuff ... almost as cheap as the flower.

Here is my recipe originally from big oven.  But i have varied it a bit ... now i use unsalted butter cut it into little cubes and don't bother to blend in into the flower ... i  double or triple the proportion of butter ... it is butter that makes the biscuits fluffy ... i mix it with my hands and bake it on the stone for about 15 minutes.

Did you have a different experience?

Seth says
seth 2011-10-10 07:30:57 15536
MR 2011-10-09 16:43:02 15536
You missed the other ingredients like:
Anyway I made them from Bisquick last year. I'm more of a purist these days & make as much as I can from scratch.
kewl .... so what is your specific recipe and how does it come out?

Well it's interesting to note that the leavening: "Baking Soda, Sodium aluminum Phosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate" is just what is commonly known as Baking Powder ... and that "soybean oil partially hydrogenated and/or cottonseed oil" is just basically Crisco.   That's why i'm really interested in the ingredients you ended up actually using and what they were made of ... or alternatively if you left something out, how it affected the final result.

Mark de LA says
Basic bisquick + cheese  I left out the parsley flakes.  I used the look alike Red Lobster biscuit recipe on the web . The clan loved & praised it. I think we had roast beef & plenty of gravy with them. 

Seth says
MR 2011-10-12 08:38:56 15536
MR 2011-10-12 08:33:40 15536
It is hard to find baking powder without chemicals. You don't actually have to use it or you can use cream of tartar which doesn't have all the aluminum/phosphates in it.

I haven't used Crisco since I was a kid.  I avoid shortenings except Earth Balance products & substitute a natural oil like olive or grape seed. I'm not a fanatic just experimenting with healthy nutrition.

Well i was under the impression (however true or untrue) that you can't just substitute oil for shortening and not radically change the texture of your baked dishes.  I thought that just plain oil (olive, grape, whatever) is a basically different substance than shortening like Crisco.    What kind of real knowledge do you have about that?

Incidentally for most of my butter usage i use a product called Smart Balance.  I wonder how that compares with your Earth Balance.  Can that be used as shortening?

Mark de LA says
Earth Balance makes something in sticks, like butter, that is much like shortening.  What makes biscuits work is the low temperature fat cutting into the flour which rises when the buttermilk enters the picture & reacts with the baking soda/baking powder. If you like that formula you are probably stuck with solid fat. I don't see why it wouldn't work with oil.  As a mere vegan, I get my bread-stuff requirements from Great Harvest Bread company's Dakota bread. I am trying to get them to sell be just the dough so that I can put it in the fridge or freezer & pop it out for different things like muffins, burger buns or maybe even cinnamon rolls; less mess in the kitchen that way.

Seth says
source: mark above
What makes biscuits work is the low temperature fat cutting into the flour which rises when the buttermilk enters the picture & reacts with the baking soda/baking powder. If you like that formula you are probably stuck with solid fat. I don't see why it wouldn't work with oil. 
well i would bet that you would get an entirely different texture if you just used oil ... not sure i want to try it though ... if you ever try it let me know.  It's not the formula that i am stuck with, it's the texture and taste of the red lobster biscuits that i'm after.  

incidentally my current formulation  does not use any buttermilk, but i just got some buttermilk and am now in hot pursuit of the KFC buttermilk biscuits which are not as fluffy as red lobster's but don't use bisquick and don't use cheese, prolly much lower calorie. 

my whole trick here, perhaps of course, is to get homemade biscuits not sacrificing any taste whatsoever and be able to do that withing about 20 minutes and not have the kitchen process suffer for the strain.  biscuits upon demand reliabley right out of the pantry.  i'm pretty close to that now ... so am working on the variety.  buttermilk might be a problem because i don't normally stock that. 

Seth says
MR 2011-10-12 15:50:35 15536
BTW, Gordon Ramsey of Hell's Kitchen fame uses parsnips to produce a mash with some seasonings & says it tastes better than mashed potatoes. I would probably use salt, pepper and a hint of nutmeg. It is a lot less fattening.

yes parsnips (or turnips) makes mashed potatoes a bit sweeter and lends more character.  i've made it that way several times.  even snuck some vegetables into jason's mouth that way ... LOL.

Seth says
Ok i made the KFC biscuits according to this recipe.  I used Crisco for the shortening.  They came out pretty good.  The anise butter that i dressed them with was not a big hit with denise; but that is a hoarse of a different color.

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