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Premise:  The Government & the Economy can be separate from one another (like the blood system is separate from the nervous system in the human body). 
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When the only forces applied to products, capital & labor are left alone free of political interference on the capital side or the labor side then supply & demand will determine the equilibrium of the economy.  One caveat is that such domains as Education and Health Care are handled separately from products with a separate money system & that Capital resides in Banks as excess over profit & banks perform as capital distribution points; more like foundations than profit centers. Second caveat is that real estate for private housing is handled separate from real estate for manufacture or the places where products are made & exists also in a separate money system.
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Mark de LA says
The caveats in the statement open up the question that need to be answered while thinking outside normal channels of :  What domains of the economy can be left free to fluctuate & seek their dynamic equilibrium within the supply & demand parameters?  I Also suggest that the military be outside this supply/demand economy in order to protect the sovereignty of land within this experiment.

Mark de LA says
     While the genius of building a uniform way of treating the exchange of value created a facilitation of commerce we have lost the true nature of what is going on.  Chickens for apples had a certain tangibility which dollars does not. Now even dollars are not tangible because they exist in some account somewhere behind plastic cards with mag strips & bar codes on them.  The government even has her own way of being less tangible over money by printing it at will & giving it to banks to lend out.  This is a far cry from gold which had some intrinsic value of its own.  I am not complaining or calling anything wrong here - just contemplating some nodes in evolution of money.
     What occurred for me this morning is how this does not work very well at all in some areas which are entirely different in character from products like iPods, hamburgers & bricks. One of these is the healing arts & the other is education. Treating either of these aforementioned domains the same way, like a commodity, is as bizarre as treating labor (human worth & life itself) as a commodity.   In the case of the healing arts life depends upon it. No exchange of gold, money or chickens can buy anymore life when time expires for us.  I am addicted to life!  Should health care be a monopoly? Should health care be on the same level as Twinkies? Should health care be bartered in the same way as barnyard animals?    
     What about education? School? Should such be bartered the same way as TV's .  We already know it isn't so because TV's get cheaper/better as technology advances & education continues to get more expensive every year. Treating teachers economically in the same way as we treat those who make automobiles & those who collect the garbage as a labor-commodity removes the importance they play in nurturing the very soul & spirit of human being.
      In the domain of money should we be comparing apples to oranges?
      How should or could these things be addressed in the new economy?
      Different money for each?