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Interesting discussion topics in the Citizenship Project on Facebook. I haven't figured out how to make such a page yet. One of the main problems is that not everyone participates in government. Most of us would prefer to ignore government & barely notice that it is there. On the one hand ignoring it is much like ignoring a cancer it is likely to continue to grow until we do something about it to remedy the pain. On another hand, government if ignored, will start to control us like a second brain or hypnotized first brain & we begin to have to do things we never would do of our own choosing - like fighting wars & paying for stupid things to be done.  We could return the notion of government back to it's origins as envisioned by the founders or even the notion of steering a ship as in the etymology of the word:
source: ... originally "to steer," a nautical borrowing from Gk. kybernan "to steer or pilot a ship, direct" (the root of cybernetics).
... embodies.
Here are some of the problems & subdivisions of the topic:
  1. The Democracy-Republic polarity
  2. The Bread & Circuses problem
  3. Full Participation problem
  4. Taxation without real representation (similar to #2 above)
  5. Virtual, M$M, & shadow governments - Law & Order
  6. Government as a Zen Being, but really it's just people, US.
  7. Intragenerational theft of funds; Hyper-Grand Larceny & Misappropriation of funds.


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