During contemplation I can catch myself rationalizing, remembering, reciting & the rest, but when I actually find an answer - where does it come from?
When contemplating (BofNK-21:58) I notice that the question serves as a focus more than just something wanting an answer. The answer is an experience rather than an answer coming in language. The analogy with looking in the visual domain seems to apply.
I am trying to hold off the idea that the question of where does it come from is invalid. This may be equivalent to the 2nd stage of Rudolf Steiner’s imagination, inspiration & intuition where the imagination, once created as real, is destroyed in order go on to a higher perceptual plane of being.


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Mark de LA says
In the following Awareness is the Subject.   It can be anything you want including 
  • nullverse
  • noverse
  • blankverse
  • emptyverse
  • nothingverse
  • nothing
  • universe
  • multiverse … etc.
Contemplating Awareness Exercise
  • Get into present time, and be aware of this moment.
  • Locate this awareness and clarify what it is.
  • Create the possibility of becoming conscious of the true nature of awareness.
  • Right now, intend to become conscious of the true nature of awareness.
  • Allow yourself to not-know what awareness really is, and open up to the possibility of experiencing something beyond what you are experiencing right now, or something different in what you are experiencing right now.
  • Keep your attention focused on awareness without distraction or break. If you lose your focus, continually return your attention to the presence of awareness.
  • Truly wonder as you ask the question: “What is awareness?”

Ralston, Peter (2010-08-31). The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness (p. 461). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 
Try it ( #contemplation ) – you’ll like it – I do. null

Mark de LA says
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 09:42:12 [item 15614#48326]
Just a hint. The zen masters (of every flavor) say that questions and answers are always paired. Like matter and antimatter. If you have one, you also have the other.

pondering​Have not heard that - not from PR anyway - only from loa people (Esther Hicks) ... seems as if you would get lost in trying to focus suddenly by the anti-matter version not knowing what you were doing.  


Single thine eye, thy body fill with light.  Hex# 7 line 1


Mark de LA says
Another way of rephrasing Esther is” (a piece of the Tao)

If you know what you want you know what you don’t want null

A lot of humans may have a focus problem  – then too GW & RS have posited that the mission of the times is to solve the problem of “what to do with evil” . 
Please! no solutions here. Fork yourself somewhere else! null

Mark de LA says
Some of this was just to get to the subject of conscience or #conscience  .
conscience (n.) Look up conscience at
early 13c., from Old French conscience "conscience, innermost thoughts, desires, intentions; feelings" (12c.), from Latin conscientia "knowledge within oneself, sense of right, a moral sense," from conscientem (nominative consciens), present participle of conscire "be (mutually) aware," from com- "with," or "thoroughly" (see com-) + scire "to know" (see science). 

Probably a loan-translation of Greek syneidesis, literally "with-knowledge." Sometimes nativized in Old English/Middle English as inwit. Russian also uses a loan-translation, so-vest, "conscience," literally "with-knowledge."

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 21542

Seth says

Seth says
i have heard the meme, “Ask and you shall recieve”,  repeated from various sources. 

I  have also occasionally experienced, that after clearly formulating a question, the answer pops right out. 

Si says

Seth says
i guess you realize that i do not subscribe to the story (apparently from the Old French) that #consciousness is our “innermost thoughts, desires, intentions; feelings".  I rather like an alternative story that #consciousness is our outermost thoughts, representations and manifestations especially those that we share with others”.  This latter story more closely matches what actually happens when we wake up after sleeping and start interacting with the world and others know that we are there with them.  … and how we grow into consciousness as small children. 

i introduced this story in “Being awake is being conscious” … but it is an old story that has been around for quite some time and is even well used in many aspects of our #society .

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