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The anti-thirth seems to be embodied in Erewhon - a book by Samuel Butler. The novel sort of fell into my hands in an old antique shop which was in front of Smog Busters - a place I had to go in order to get my car smog certificate. The novel is in paperback & probably written ~1872.  What guided me is the brand name Erewhon which made the best tahini when I was working in the valley. The Hunger Project is quite an interesting story trilogy see the Wikipedia .
It took them about 300 years to figure out what "do the right thing" means.  The quibblers always asked "How do you know what that is?" How do you know what's right when you have the free will to do anything?


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Mark de LA says
seth 2012-10-04 06:46:14 15639
You don't.  Do what you wilt.  Choose your own principles.
You may have noticed I freed a few projects back into the cosmic ooze yesterday.  There are a few more yet to cut loose.  These are alternatives to politics or an endless discussion of truth here.  This distinction is one I woke up in a dream in a beautiful place (actually I was in my loft in pj2) where everything worked. The distinction of do the right thing is too subtle for most people. It is not arguable. Thirth is my utopia without the problems - a vision almost like hippie communes where everything actually worked without the drugs, government food stamps & SSI etc.

your distinction, while true, misses the inspirational nature of the vision.

Mark de LA says
BTW Erewhon is nowhere spelled backwards. null

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